Dani Thifa

Enthusiastic, diligent, self-motivated, and a result orientated team player with focus on digital marketing, SEO and social media marketing, web design and development, network, security and system/server administration.
Business Branding

Branding your business: Putting things into practice

Building a brand around the services or products offered by your business, you can be sure to attract the right clientele with good branding.
create own logo

How to easily create your own logo

These tips are great if you want to create your own logo, but it is important to remember that they are only good depending on how you will need to use them.
drupal vs wordpress

WordPress vs. Drupal

It is the age-old debate in the world of CMS: Wordpress vs. Drupal. Both platforms have been incredibly successful in recent years and both have their diehard backers.

funny cat

The golden age of funny cats on internet

Over the last few years we can find funny cats everywhere on the web, have you asked yourself why?  Is there some sort of magic they bring to our own curiostiy or is it ...

beautiful woman on pinterest and instagram

Why Your Business Needs Pinterest and Instagram

The time has come to embrace the marketing powers of Pinterest and Instagram

What your business is missing out on by not having a blog

Are you thinking about starting a blog for your business, but aren’t really sure if you should or not?
learn css with macbook

Does .xyz Represent the Future of Domain names?

In the past year, .xyz has become the most popular new generic top-level domain (gTLD) out there.


How to make instagram work for your business

Are you using Instagram to market your business? If not you might rethink after reading this article. Instagram is one of the fastest growing platforms, allowing users to post things on the site in the...

8 Signs it is time to Redesign your website

Here are our top 8 warning signs that should tell you it is time to redesign your website. Is it time for your website to have a complete make-over? Are you unhappy with your current...
the secret numver 11:11

El fenómeno 11:11. Un misterio mundial

El fenómeno 11:11. Un misterio mundial, millones de personas están pasando por esta curiosa experiencia. La sensación de que el número 11 les persigue ¿por qué es esto? ¿usted también lo sufre?...