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Responsive Websites

In today’s information age of marketing and web 2.0, a company’s website is the key to their entire business. – Marcus Sheridan

Professionally designed, mobile-friendly websites that adapt to every smartphone, tablet or desktop computer. All website I develop include a Content Management System so you are able to update your site yourself.

Today, the internet is accessed from different devices with varied screen sizes. This has a direct impact on how websites are built. Companies need dynamic websites that can be accessed from anywhere, at any time, and that can be easily maintained and updated directly by the company.

I develop advanced, responsive websites that are search engine and social media friendly and can adapt to every mobile, tablet and desktop screen. Additionally, our sites include a content management system (CMS) so they can be self-managed without the need (or the additional costs) of a webmaster.


I understand that mobile communication is important to your success. Based on my digital marketing experience I create highly-effective, engaging sites that speak with a professional voice that sets your business apart.


A responsive website will dynamically adjust for every screen, smartphone, tablet or PC. Three out of 5 searches are initiated on mobile devices and 52% of all local searches, are done whilst out and about on a smartphone or tablet.


Keeping your content up-to-date is key to today’s digital marketing strategies. Your website is backed by a powerful Content Management System (CMS) which allows your in-house team to easily and quickly edit your website, creating meaningful communication and resulting in informed and loyal customers.

Skills and experience

I am specialized in many different technologies within web development including the following:


Intelligently developed content management systems that work your way - Wordpress Create a website with CMS (Content Management System) WordPress is ideal for companies and / or organizations that want to take advantage of the latest trends on the web. I work on developing unique and outstanding designed wordpress websites that are SEO-oriented to increase...

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Php framework

PHP is getting a hell of a lot more use these days. This reflects the importance of it for a company like IBM. - Bola Rotibi PHP has evolved from procedural to object oriented Programming (OOP) language with new rules and functionalities, which are typical for more mainstream programming languages such as .Net and Java. Over...

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In today's information age of Marketing and Web 2.0, a company's website is the key to their entire business. - Marcus Sheridan Joomla is today a very important Content Management System (CMS) for responsive websites. And yes it is! Awarded the world’s best CMS in 2006 and 2007. This CMS is coded in PHP, which...

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