To many, choosing a domain suffix (the ending of your domain name that comes after the dot, e.g. .com, .net, .org) is a no brainer. If possible, most people strive to find their desired domain name, or a variation thereof, with the .com domain suffix. This is no surprise as .com has dominated the web as the ultimate domain suffix on the web, despite challenges from .net and, most recently, from .xyz.

There are countless articles on the web debating the impact that a domain suffix has on a website’s search engine ranking. Despite a range of different claims, there is very little evidence to suggest that a website with the .com domain suffix will rank better than one with a .net domain suffix. Though sometimes there seems to be a slight correlation between domain suffix and SEO, especially in the case of country-specific TLDs, the correlation mostly stems from other factors such as traffic, backlinks and social signals.

Though your domain suffix won’tnecessarily impact your search ranking, it does not mean that it is not of importance. Your domain suffix still plays avital role in terms of branding and building trust. Whichever way you spin it, a site ending in .com or .net will always seem more trustworthy than one ending in .info or .club, two suffixes that are often used in spam sites.

Choosing your domain suffix is vital in this sense. For example, if you are startingan ecommerce store, you want to be sure that your domain suffix matches your target audience. If you operate worldwide, it might be a bad idea to choose as tour TLD, as visitors to your e-shop are likely to think that you operate only in the United Kingdom. Similarly, if you operate in a specific country, choosing a domain suffix from that country can be very beneficial.

The difficulty in choosing the right domain suffix lies in finding the right balance between a good domain name and a good suffix. If your perfect domain name is available as a .net but not as a .com, it makes sense to pick the .net to maximize your branding. If, however, there is no ideal solution, .com is likely to be the strongest trust-bearer, unless you are a non-profit organisation, in which case .org can also be a great choice.

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