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Dani Thifa

You see — all marketers, businesses and entrepreneurs are constantly trying to grow their businesses in the wrong way. I am here to help your business grow the right way through digital marketing.

It’s the same strategy Starbucks, Apple, Nike, Coca Cola and McDonald’s used to corner the coffee, technology, clothes, beverage and food markets. It’s the same strategy Amazon uses to dominate the e-commerce market.

My strategy works for both small and enterprise-level businesses. It works for both startups and decades-old billion dollar retailers. It works whether you sell traditional or digital products/services.

Hello, My name is Dani Thifa and I am an established CGI consultant specialized in digital specialist/analyst, frontend/UX and digital marketer offering over 15 years of experience in digital as well as bi analysis and strategy, digital marketing, web development / UX design, project management and business management, with demonstrated ability to meet company goals.


My ResumeCheck my Resume of 2018.

Dani Thifa – Project leader | Digital marketer | BI analyst | Frontend/UX.
CGI Sverige – Torshamnsgatan 24, 164 40 Kista
T: +46 (0)72 564 47 52 |

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