At a time when hotels capture about 90% of their reservations online, many managers of hotel establishments have started to understand the importance of the web and the need to implement a strategy to increase their bookings by investing heavily in good designed websites, well and easy structured presentations, quality SEO and social media.

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Indeed, the booking systems are the key success to any hotel, not only in the low season but also for last minute bookings. Indeed, customers usually prefer to go via online travel agencies or booking systems for practical reasons. As a matter of fact, there are sites nowadays that compare hotel prices of different locations providing customers with the best prices and services according to their needs. However, analyzing customer behavior, Google found that the vast majority of Internet users who visited the sites of an online travel agency such as Booking, TripAdvisor or Expedia consult the hotel main site before booking. This is where hotels with a good designed, well structured websites and quality images win the game.

Booking, key to the hotel success

Today, the web is the main source of income for any business. 90% of the population in the developed countries turn to internet for booking trips and hotels. It goes without saying that this trend changes drastically the situation for hotels today. It is not enough to have a great looking hotel with the best first-class service to success anymore. Customers need to find the hotel online, develop a trust via visiting the hotel website and accept the price according to the desired service in comparison to other hotels in the requested area. Therefore, online bookings are key for the success of any hotel.

For years, managers of hotel establishments and travel agencies have searched for opportunities to increase their number of direct bookings. To achieve this, it is first necessary for the hotel’s website to transmit confidence and an expected service quality right from the moment a customer first visit the site, and then, and this is very important, encourage the customer to book online.

Quality responsive website and seo

Kliwo provides hotels with quality services and the know-how they need to achieve their highest goals. We create unique well designed responsive websites, custom developed functionalities according to business needs and conversion-focused online marketing through SEO and social media to rank any hotel in the higher positions for any search engine. Also, we make sure to get our customer’s brand well-presented and engaged on social networks and together with our customers develop a strategy plan to success online according to the business needs.

Beside a quality website, SEO and social media, the price is also a key factor. It is essential for the end user to quickly see on the hotel’s website that the rates of equal services are identical or, ideally, lower than those of its competitors. Kliwo analyses the market according to the hotel or travel agencies standards and provide an adjusted strategy according to the online market. This is supplemented by an intelligent web design and ongoing online marketing campaigns.

When presenting the offer online, we take advantage of the existing and long-running travel or hotel search engine websites where we publish your business to get direct or indirect bookings. We are also aware that giving an added value to a reservation is also a good onsite marketing solution. One complimentary drink, breakfast, a bottle of wine or a spa service can make all the difference.

In the same way, the introduction of a loyalty program or a package valid only for customers booking directly is another relevant alternative to get more direct bookings from your website, rather than from other travel agencies earlier mentioned.

how to increase direct bookings

Hoteliers should be able to show to as many people as possible that their best deals are available on their own website. To achieve this, we implement several methods.

Setting up a blog on the website, offering a number of articles related to local events and also all the best deals offered in the website, is a crucial factor. This will improve traffic to the site and get potential customers to know your special deals, activities and events. For this task, we make sure to promote your deals and events online via press releases published on news portals, online magazines, blogs and forums.

Of course, in the web 2.0, a strong presence on social networks (Facebook, Vine, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter) is mandatory. We develop the hotel’s social media online presence, promoting your page on the different social platforms. Thereupon, we communicate widely on the best deals offers and adapt them to specific customer targets. A good strategy is therefore to enhance the business image, develop brand awareness and increase direct bookings online.

Website management

Behind any successful website we find an engaged site manager. It is essential for a manager to educate its staff to promote the hotel website between the existing customers. Brochures or business cards are some of the tools to use to achieve a trusted and long-standing relationship with customers. It will not harm to inform the customers that better deals are available on the hotel’s website. Similarly, collecting email addresses from customers is very important, so you can include them in future mailing campaigns.


To increase direct bookings in a hotel site, it is clear that a quality well-designed, fast and responsive website, structured navigation and functionalities, online marketing and social media engagement are all fundamental elements for a successful hotel business. If you are able to offer competitive deals with external travel agencies, it is vital to provide even better deals through the hotel website. Also, it is essential to promote the hotel’s website not only through the hotel staff but also via social networks.

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