After Apple introduced the iPhone 6S on September previous year, Everybody online are speculating about the new iPhone7.

It is estimated that we have to wait until September to meet the long awaited successor, but, as always happens with apple products, there are dozens of rumours about design and functionalities of the new model. here are the 10 things we know about the new Iphone7.

Release date. It is now confirmed that Apple phone will be released in September 2016. The sale would take place a month later. Yes, I know… It doesn’t take a genius to work out that the iPhone 7 should present itself in September. The iPhone 5 was released in September. The iPhone 5S was released in September, the iPhone 6 September, and the iPhone 6S September.

  • Denomination. Given the “names” of previous models (iPhone 4, 5 and 6 were succeeded by the iPhone 4S, 5S and 6S), the new model is expected to be named iPhone 7 and, therefore, to include further developments that will be presented a couple of months later.
  • Design. It would be thinner, with less connectors. There are strong rumours about the disappearance of the current headphone jack, which would cut 1 mm thickness. There are talk that the model´s thickness will be between 6 and 6.5 mm, compared to 7.1 of iPhone 6sPlus.
  • Two versions. Or even three. As it has done since the presentation of the iPhone 6, Apple would present two models: one for those who love large screens (iPhone 7 Plus) and one for those who prefer a more modest size (iPhone 7). In addition, Apple may go out with a cheaper version, the iPhone 7c to compete with brands that threaten their power with cost terminals.
  • Farewell to the traditional round home button (home). Yes, currently you can set the phone to include a virtual button on the screen with the same functions and thus manage the device menu. But that does not incorporate the virtual imitation fingerprint reader through Touch ID that is activated in the home button. This would be solved in the new design, including the Touch ID on the screen.
  • IOS 10. This feature is given almost for granted. In 2015 IOS was released in September, so it’s turn of the tenth version of the operating system.
  • Waterproof. The latest model already incorporates improvements in this regard, but Apple would seek to make a device completely liquid proof. In addition, rumours talk about a patent about an anti-shock system and the possibility that it can be used with gloves.
  • dual camera. The terminal could improve the existing camera with a double lens and optical zoom. This would be a giant leap for Apple, which has long experienced with this possibility.
  • More battery. It is one of the great workhorses of Apple, because many users are forced to charge their phone more than once a day and live pending an outlet. rumours suggest solar chargers on the touch screen and the possibility for iphone 7 to become Apple’s first phone capable of wireless charging.
  • More RAM. IPhone 7 would have a novelty of 2GB and 3GB of RAM for the iPhone 7 Plus.What do you think? Will the new phone device of Apple include all these features? Experts point out that the technology of the device is working with five prototypes that, one way or another, incorporating these advances.However, it is difficult to think that Apple launches the new iPhone with all these functionalities, as it would run out of ammunition for upcoming releases. The consumer is already accustomed to while Apple releases the latest model of iPhone they are already listening to the news of the next.

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