The benefits of argan oil for your skin

The benefits of using argan oil for your face

Our body is a temple and that’s how we should be treating it. In truly believing our bodies to be sacred, it becomes increasingly easy to determine which skincare and beauty products are worthy of our skin and hair – they should be as pure as possible, not tainted by chemicals that could disrupt the natural structure of our skin or the feel of our hair.

We want our skincare products to treat our bodies with kindness, so we expect the production process of said creams, lotions and oils to have been equally fair and kind – on its workers and the environment at large. We refuse to allow harmful ingredients to enter our temple and will not tolerate products that were sourced and produced in an unsustainable and cruel manner.

Skincare is as much about mindfulness as it is about indulging in a lush practice of self-love. In order to reap the full benefits from our beauty and skincare routines, we must ensure that we are using high-quality, natural products that will make both our inner and outer beauty adopt a healthy and beautiful glow.

Argan oil, an incredibly effective, all-natural hair, skin and beauty potion derived from the “Tree of Life” native to Morocco, is one of the most nourishing and healing treats you could gift your body. This “liquid gold”, as it is often referred to, feels as luxurious on your skin as it sounds – and you don’t have to be well-off to afford it, either.

You may have come across argan oil listed as an ingredient in one of your commercial hair, skin or beauty products, seeing as it has become increasingly popular as an added ingredient. If you’d like to eliminate all the other ingredients that make up your line-up of creams, shampoos and lotions, and try argan oil in its purest form, we highly recommend you do so – here are all the reasons why.

It’s incredibly moisturizing & hydrating

There’s nothing better than exiting the realms of your at-home-spa-day with soft and smooth skin – it is simply the best way to celebrate your body and reap extra confidence. If you agree with this notion, argan oil should form a part of your daily/weekly beauty and skincare routine, as it’s a real gamechanger. Composed of fatty oils such as oleic and linoleic acid, both of which are rich in vitamin E, this oil hydrates and moisturizes all skin types. These effects can be achieved both via topical and oral application.

It’s a great remedy for all types of skin conditions

Dealing with stubborn and unrelenting skin conditions can be devastating – whether you’re a teen dealing with their first bouts of acne or of middle-age and fighting against eczema or psoriasis.  Not only are these types of skin conditions uncomfortable and sore, they also dim our self-confidence which, in turn, can lead to varying degrees of depression. There are many affected people out there who have tried all types of skin treatments to combat these issues – even medically-graded creams and lotions – but all to no avail.

Known for its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, argan oil has proven to be the solution to skin conditions where all other products have failed. It is a highly effective remedy against hormonal acne as it deeply cleanses the pores and helps to regulate our skin’s sebum production, the main culprit behind consistent acne flare-ups. As an added bonus, argan oil’s powerful combo of vitamin E and antioxidants will speed up the healing process and treat resulting scars.

It prevents stretch-marks & improves skin elasticity

During pregnancy, our bodies undergo a whole series of changes, and while some might be a testament to the extraordinary beauty of the human experience, others can be extremely uncomfortable and frustrating. Pregnancy does a real number on our hormones which, consequently, promotes varying changes in our mind and body – particularly our skin: from stretch-marks to the kind of acne outbreaks you haven’t experienced since you were a teen.

To make this special and simultaneously challenging time in your life go by easier, you can turn to argan oil to treat and prevent any changes your skin is currently undergoing. Regularly applying argan oil to the areas where your first stretch marks are starting to show can help to prevent them from forming fully, and even eliminate them in the long run.

It has anti-ageing effects

One of the most popular things people are looking to gain from their skin and beauty products, is anti-aging effects. While we’re all on a journey towards practicing self-love and acceptance, we can’t help but to succumb to our vanity whenever we are confronted with our wrinkles and crows-feet. Fortunately, argan oil is famous for its anti-ageing properties and has shown to improve skin elasticity in postmenopausal women.