Dashrath Manjhi, the Man who Moved a Mountain

Dashrath Manjhi

Dashrath Manjhi is an inspirational man from a small town in northern India, who dedicated his life to build a road through a mountain so the people of his town could reach hospitals and schools. He achieved this amazing donation to his town after working for 22 years using tools that he could afford, basically hammers, crowbars and chisels.

In the 1960s, the small town of Gehlaur, located in northern India, was completely isolated, with a 90 feet high mountain that closed the only road the local people had to apply for jobs or access schools and hospitals… It was then when Dasrath Manjhi decided to ‘move’ the rocky barrier, making way for the residents of his town to access the other side of the mountain.

Manjhi worked on the other side of the mountain and had to get through each day just to get to the farm where he worked. It was a dangerous road where accidents occurred frequently. One day in 1960, Manjhi´s wife was injured while crossing the mountains to bring food to her husband. It was then that the man decided to sell their goats and bought instruments to build a road through the mountains.

Manjhi did never leave his job, but instead spent his spare time to continue piercing the mountain. Some time later his wife died: after falling ill, he was unable to take her to Wazirganj (75 km road), where the doctor was. The pain of loss became even stronger for her husband. Later, residents of the small village began to provide food to Manjhi who quit his job and could finally concentrate on finishing the road, in 1982 this true hero finished building the 100 meters long road, which now allows people from this small towns to access hospitals or schools crossing just 5 kilometers. The hero who overcame the ‘impossible’ died in 2007 victim of cancer.