Top 10 reasons to go vegetarian

Vegetarian diet

Humans have the privilege of enjoying the power of discernment, a privilege that animals do not possess, and it is this substantial difference that we must take in consideration when determining what is ethical and right for our society. Unfortunately personal, economic or certain appetites interests ironically make us use this privilege to abuse and exploit indiscriminately inferior beings, including our own species. This behaviour is often assumed or absorbed by society as ‘normal’ and many people grow up and are educated understanding that this abuse and exploitation are part of life.

Fortunately, not everybody commune with such behaviour and when these schemas are broken and we decide to opt for a vegetarian diet, and we do it for various reasons, principles and ideals that guide us towards improving the human condition. This change in lifestyle, whatever reason, generates positive effects:

Health. Opting for a vegetarian diet is healthier than a meat-based diet of animal meat. Animals intended for human consumption may be transmitters of epidemics and parasites. Animal flesh intake promotes risk of heart disease, cancer, diabetes, obesity, among other complications.

Respect and solidarity towards animals. A terrible figure of approximately 95 billion animals are slaughtered every year.

Care for the environment. Many resources for cereal crops and vegetables that are eaten by animals are used, but that would be much more efficient if those resources are used to directly feed people. The livestock industry uses enormous amounts of energy, land, water and fossil fuels, with 18% of global emissions of greenhouse gases and other pollution.

Among other positive effects, it can be mentioned that a vegetarian diet is inexpensive versus one based on meat which has a higher cost.

Clearly, the vegetarian diet is a healthy and an ethical alternative that improves our standard of living as well as being respectful to animals and our planet.

    1. In the 70s, they carried out extensive research that showed that low-fat diets, prevent heart disease. The vegetarian diet has these features, and can also, reverse these evils.
    2. Polyunsaturated vegetable fats tend to lower blood pressure, while animal fats does the opposite.
    3. It is a good measure to prevent cancer due to the amount of fibers presented in the vegetarian diet; to facilitate the removal of food waste, toxins are eliminated, thereby preventing colon cancer. There are also many vegetables such as broccoli, brussels sprouts, cauliflower, garlic and others, which contain anti-cancer nutrients.
    4. Meatless pasta contains lots of carbohydrates and is the preferred brokers because it produces a slow, sustained energy without excessive fat or calorie food.
    5. Fruits, vegetables and cereals are excellent nutrients for your body. A varied and properly balanced vegetarian diet provides the necessary levels of nutrients your body needs.
    6. Based mainly on cereals, vegetables and fruit diet helps control diabetes. Asians and Polynesians carry a similar diet and diabetes cases among this population are rare; but when they adopt the Western way of food, cases of diabetes become more numerous with frequent complications, such as arteriosclerosis.
    7. Vegetable-based dishes are cheaper, and you end up saving money on medical bills.
    8. Pasta and cereals are good sources of energy, especially recommended for athletes and bodybuilders to build muscle and increase endurance. Contrary to what is generally believed, the vegetarian diet is not low in protein.
    9. It will increase your knowledge of nutrition and make you take interest in changing your eating habits.
    10. It is a complete food diet because all the nutrients the body needs are in the vegetable kingdom; vitamins, amino acids and minerals are all present in vegetables.


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