Should I get a tattoo?

Should I get a tattoo

As the lyrics of Herman brood says “Baby, let the needle burn (Skin, scar) Skydivin’, mainlinin’ It’s the point of no return Get yourself a tattoo, don’t think twice You show it off in the disco, at school Around the corner. Ain’t no lie”.

While the legacy takes us way back to centuries, a bit more… 2500 years ago. Well the mummies had one. Tattoo from ‘tatau’ derived from the Samoan word.  The one person had to go through a great ordeal and pain to get inked. And the after effects were pure indescribable. This art form once widespread in Polynesian societies across the Pacific Ocean declined by the intervention of western missionaries. Even the early 1900’s had a society which couldn’t accept and considered the individual “freaks” who gets tattooed. However, changes and meant to happen and so it did and as Sam O’ Reilly said “A sailor without a tattoo is like a ship without grog; not seaworthy” – Sam O’Reilly. And the carnival freaks turned to their personality to envy by the style. The tradition from the pacific, over the time has become a style statement in the modern day world.

The good tattoo

Often people are judged by their way of life, behavior, dressing and… tattoo…  yea people will say they got inked just as they don’t want to forget a special person in their life. For some it may be adventurous and others don’t really know why? But nevertheless getting tattoo on your body will make you a part of the 24% American who already have one. Tattoos means something for the one who feels good about having them. It may be for someone in Love, for religion, or for a family member. The creative mind thinks it’s a way of expression. While the fashionista’s create a wow factor in them. Tattoos are appealing and create a sense of glorification. We see them all over with our favorite stars, singer icon, and sports personality. How cool is that to get done just like a J’Lo or express how much you love your son. About 35 percent American youth have body art. It’s a part of the culture. Every time I see a tattoo it meant something where there are messages, bible verses, babies, colleagues, angels, pets, wives, husband, and sister. It tells you stories behind the placement and belief. Imagine tattooing for a cause or a charity to send a message to your community.  I read an article in NBC where a youth said “Your body’s an empty canvas, so you almost want to continue to add to it.” So as long the way you present isn’t disgusting well then it may not pinch the eye of the unique ones who aren’t having one.

The bad tattoo

Tattooing as a part of culture or so called “fashion” especially in the youth culture. This fashion statement is guided by the icons and stars who live an insane but luxurious lifestyle. Youths are misguided to a downward spiral in the name of entertainment. The lazy minded don’t realize that they just did it just because someone has done it. But few would know things done in a moment for glory can lead to pain in future and just trying to look cool for the sake of keeping up with the society. While keeping things a bit less is good but when you overdo, it turns bad… There are serious health concerns raised by experts caused by unsanitary needles and wounds created while tattooing. While permanent tattoo can clean your pockets as well this cost a bulk for manning and lengthy appointments. Some do regret it as once done in teen and now you are at a respectable white collar job and sense a shame showing it. This may have an effect in future possibilities. There have been reports of tattoo related infection due to bacteria, nontuberculous mycobacterium traced in infected ink.

It is strange that how the tattoo culture once considered scandalous due to such a popular trend. It shows how much this idea has evolved in the society. It is an individual choice of what you do with your body. Let’s face it.  The one who wants to ink their skin knows the significance and might know the highly painful process and the incentives. It is undeniably a fashion statement. At the same time it is risky. But I still think the person must have had for some reason. It is easy to condemn of what we don’t know or might not understand the act. But style and fashion is not permanent. Well it is obvious to go with the trend just make sure knowing the limits and what cost. Today the latest is the outdated in the next 10 years. Being oneself is the best thing.

What do you think about getting a tattoo? and what kind of tattoo is a good tattoo and a bad tattoo? Share your thoughts! I would like to know what you think!

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