The 10 strangest languages in the world

People and strangest languages in the world

This list is about the strangest languages in the world, at least from my point of view. When we speak of a “language”, we refer to all known languages in the world, including Spanish, English, French, Portuguese, German … or any other known language on the globe. Yet there was a time when variety of languages was much more developed. We quote below some of the most curious and Strangest languages in the world.

1. Chamicuro

A language still spoken by the Peruvian tribe “Chamicuro”, a Peruvian Amazon ethnic group living on the shores of the Huallaga in the district of Lagunas, Alto Amazonas province. Although some members of the tribe continue to speak this language, the rest has already been used to Spanish.

2. Dumitrescu

This language takes us to the other side of the world: It is spoken in Nepal abandoned villages which lies on the banks of the Tab and Rava rivers. This strange language is part of a list of Tibeto-Burman languages. As the previous language, it is spoken by only 6 people in the Nepalese regions, but the sad thing is that it is not represented in any dictionary and no syntax books exists. A language unfortunately doomed to oblivion.

3. Ongota

This language only spoken in Ethiopia (and also oddly) by 6 people is equally likely to be turned off, unless a professor at the University of Addis Ababa (Ethiopia) maintains its life by immortalizing it on paper.

4. Liki The Liki

The only spoken language in certain specific areas of two islands of Indonesia: Jayapura Kabupaten and Kecamatan Sarmi. And just like the previous languages, it is easily spoken by 5 people distributed in this group of islands. The lack of interest in the preservation of these languages would be, in principle, the cause of their loss.

5. Tanema

Native language of the Solomon Islands and used in places like Vanikolo Island, Temotu province and a village called Emua. The number of speakers of this language is up to 4 persons, although it seems that there are prints, something that does not, however, guarantee its survival.

6. Njerep

This language was spoken by the majority of people belonging to the Mambila tribe from countries like Nigeria and Cameroon. Unfortunately it only exists in the Nigerian branch. Spoken by very few people in Nigeria, it has only a short time before it disappears completely.

7. Chemehuevi

This language belongs to the Uto-Aztecan Chemehuevi tribe from the U.S. states of California and Arizona. Only three very old people still speak the language.

8. Lemerig

It comes from the Vanuatu Island, very close to Australia, and only spoken on the island of Lava. It is assumed that only two people still speak the language fluently in these areas, and there was a time when the language had four different dialects that are now extinct.

9. Kaixana

This language was spoken by more than 200 people before, and it was detected in the regions near the Brazilian river Japurá. One person actually speaks the language, at least that’s what the latest records say.

10. Taushiro

This is the strangest language kept in memories. It belongs to one of the most isolated regions of northern Peru, which means that it is neither identified nor linked to another language of the region, although its origins bring us closer to Rio Tigre in the Loreto area.
Until 1975, only 7 people were still talking it, so that at present we completely ignore how many of them are still alive.