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Aesthetics / Geneva dental lounge

Aesthetics and Geneva Dental Lounge are leading cosmetic dentistry clinic based in Switzerland.

Business challenge

High quality, classic and modern are some of the keywords that she take pride in. Her highest priority is the satisfaction, comfort and well-being of her clients. With a new website, both Aesthetics and Geneva Dental Lounge needed to index the website and position the main and most researched keywords for the dental business in Geneva, Switzerland.


Aesthetics and Geneva dental lounge needed to take professional photos of the dental practice for the new website and for marketing purpose.


Aesthetics and Geneva Dental Lounge request a high conversion clicks using AdWords and SEO to increase the volume of their business, I managed pay-per-click for the clinic and did several campaigns on keywords combined with SEO. For Adwords, the client was experiencing lower ad positions and higher competition for key search phrases, and in SEO, the website was not converting, neither get well positioned in search engines. the client requested to be ranked for the following high competitive keywords in search engines in Switzerland.

Geneva dental lounge

  • Dental lounge in Geneva (position rank: 1)
  • Dental clinic in Geneva (position rank: 1)
  • Facettes en porcelaine (position rank: 1)
  • Dentist geneva (position rank: 1)
  • Porcelain veneers (position rank: 2)
  • Blanchiment dentaire (position rank: 2)
  • Teeth whitening (position rank: 2)
  • Invisalign (position rank: 3)
  • Dental hygiene (position rank: 3)

You can see from the following graph that, prior to my management, Geneva Dental Lounge landing pages where positioned above 100 in Google for the 9 requested keywords.


Full SEO Report for Aesthetics after 6 months of work can be found here: aesthetics-report-created-on-feb-22-2017


I analyzed local and global competitors as well as investigating significant keywords related to Geneva´s dental industry. After 3 weeks of dedicated work, We could already see a drastic improvement of the overall online marketing and search engine positioning in comparison to the top competitors of the industry as you can see in the chart above (SEO competitiveness chart from 100 to 0, where 0 is the top score).

I was able to improve the organic traffic of the geneva dental lounge web site already after 3 weeks. I started the project by analyzing the website top keywords and built a technical report with all the inaccuracy, adjustments and issues that the site was experiencing.

You can see from the following graph that, prior to my management, the number of impressions and clicks was low but the cost per click was very high. The keywords used in the campaign were expensive and low in conversion (ROI). Now the as you can see the amount of clicks increased and the CPC (cost per click) decreased.

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