Biocest is a brand new company founded by two natural cosmetics enthusiasts. The business was born to cover a significant gap in this specific sector of beauty products. The shop offers articles from international brands available in the same place for the first time.

Starting point

The client opened a store in Marbella and, after seeing the great success it was, decided to sell their products online as well. The online demand for bio cosmetic products increase year by year, so Biocest found it necessary to create an e-shop.

Business challenges

The creation of a modern website that is an extension of the brand. The site had to reflect the personality of Biocest but, at the same time, include a nice user-friendly e-shop. Usability, simplicity and a high-class design were imperative on this project.


A fully responsive and customer experienced focused website was developed that expresses Biocest’s personality. We studied the company’s branding and personality and applied it to their website.

The website includes a modern e-shop, where products are shown in a simple and minimalistic manner. The optimization of the purchasing process was a must from the beginning, so the shop allows the clients to buy in a straightforward manner.

The site is SEO optimized to make it highly visible on the Google search engine and attract more buyers.

Biocest ShopCheck the Biocest Shop.

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