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Colosseum klinikken

Kasper Slavensky founded Colosseumklinikken in Sorø, Denmark, as Tandplejecentret Sorø. The dental clinic was founded in 1985. In 2002, the clinic was moved to the location where it can be found today. Two years later, Jacob Slavensky and Inge Dalkær joined the management team. When Kasper finished his career, the two of them took over the practice.

In 2012, the clinic was incorporated in the Colosseum collaboration as the group’s third clinic in Denmark.

Today there are nine members of the practice team, including the clinic manager, three dentists, three assistants, and two clinic assistant trainees.



Colosseumklinikken had a typical static and non-adaptable website that did not fulfill their needs. A new, responsive website with new functionalities was needed.


Among the challenges Colosseumklinikken faced:

  • As a part of the Colosseum collaboration, the clinic in Sorø needed a professional and modern looking website to reflect their expertise in the dental field.
  • Colosseumklinikken accepts referrals for different types of dental treatments and therefore needed integration of several enquiry forms.
  • The clinic offers a large number of videos for their patients, including descriptions of services and treatments and interviews with the personnel. These videos needed to be nicely presented on the website.


As a project leader, together with my team members at Hubspider we developed a state of the art, fully responsive and user-friendly website for Colosseumklinikken in Sorø. It adapts to all screen sizes, including widescreen, tablet and smartphone.

We worked on on-site SEO for Colosseumklinikken, which includes descriptions, metatags and keywords. The new website is optimized for SEO performance.

Simple and elegant integration of enquiry forms, testimonials and videos.

Automated patient referral forms were incorporated to facilitate referrals from other dental clinics.


HubSpider has developed a great website for us. HubSpider was able to include plenty of information in an elegant way in the web design. Especially the integration of different enquiry forms that were very important for us, was solved excellently by their team – Jacob Slavensky, Colosseum Klinikken.

Colosseum klinikkenCheck the Colosseum klinikken website.

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