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Curaden Clinic

Curaden Dental Clinic merged with Curaden Smile to form an exclusive new dental practice, Curaden. The prestigious clinic is located on Bond Street in London and has the latest in dental technology to provide patients with the finest dental care through preventive dental plans, remedial treatments and a comprehensive range of world-leading dental products.

curaden clinic


Among the challenges Curaden Clinic faced:

  • The new clinic was designed to have a very high profile in a very prominent location in London. The clinic’s website had to worth at the same level.
  • The clinic had strong branding style requirements which had to be consistent throughout the website.
  • The website required a number of videos integrated from YouTube.
  • There was a lot of content to be managed with internal links.


Well developed and elegant with a focus on website user experience & onsite SEO which included the following features:

  • I followed specific design layouts provided by the client and improved the design and UX experience to both accommodate visitors and suite the brand.
  • Mega-menus where incorporated into the menu structure which included additional text and images.
  • Videos were integrated into the website with custom designs to stay within the branding style specifications.
  • Large amounts of content were added to the website which was heavily interlinked to related content throughout the site.


A professional website was developed with high amounts of content optimized in preparation for the launch of the website. This will accelerate the ranking for fast results in Google.
There is a consistent branding style throughout the website which included a customized Google Maps.

Curaden ClinicCheck the Curaden Clinic website.

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