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Teleperformance is a marketing multinational company headquartered in France. The company specializes in outsourced omnichannel customer experience management, also known as Business Process Outsourcing.
Teleperformance has 217,000 employee across 340 contact centers in 74 countries and serves over 160 markets.


Among the challenges the company faced:

  • A new website projecting the brand very high profile all over the world. The website needed to be very customer-friendly with an easy yet modern customer experience.
  • The company needed a home-made CMS in PHP/Mysql that can be used internationally and by different teams with different roles and access.
  • The company had strong branding style requirements which had to be consistent throughout the website.
  • The CMS required a marketing system that can be used all across the different departments around the world.
  • The website required a number of videos integrated from YouTube.
  • There was a lot of content to be managed with internal links.
  • Teleperformance Sweden needed a system that can connect it database to Bredbandsbolagets database using xml as teleperformance database was built on Microsoft Sql and bredbandsbolaget had their systems using oracle.


teleperformance worldwide

An elegant and modern yet very user friendly CMS/website was build including a marketing system and specific tables were now automatically connected to bredbandsbolagets database. The website included the following features:

  • Modern yet specific design layouts following the company’s branding.
  • Modern style with big images and colors reflecting the company’s culture
  • Mega-menus where incorporated into the menu structure which included additional text and images
  • Videos were integrated into the website with custom designs to stay within the branding style specifications
  • Large amounts of content were added to the website which was heavily interlinked to related content throughout the site


A professional and user-friendly website was developed with high amounts of content optimized in preparation for search engines. This will accelerate the ranking for fast results in Google. The website base based on a home-made CMS that was shared across all the Teleperformance departments in different countries. The system included a functional marketing system to keep a positive connection with the customers. There is also a consistent branding style throughout the website which included a customized Google Maps.

Teleperformance websiteCheck the Teleperformance website.

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