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Ticino Health

Ticino Health is the perfect balance between the latest medical techniques and wellness.

At Ticino Health, you have access to everything from one source: competent advice for the planning of your health trip, individualized offerings with a treatment plan, comprehensive complementary services and personal assistance on site.


Digital marketing: Ticino Health began advertising on AdWords to increase the volume of their business, the client was experiencing lower ad positions and higher competition for key search phrases. Their account was becoming far more expensive and returning less on their investment. The number of impressions and clicks was low but the cost per click was very high. The keywords used in the campaign were very expensive and low in conversion (ROI).

UX/Front-end: Ticino Health needed to improve their website customer experience as well as navigation following the business branding standards.


I started by rebuilding the customer’s AdWords campaign from the ground up. The account is now split into meaningful campaigns that targeted specific demographics in the right time. Ad Groups were built within each campaign. And targeted ads were written for specific audiences within each group and with high conversion keywords. The client is now paying much less CPC and get higher conversion rate for his campaigns.

The user experience was also improved and have been showing great results. It is now easy to navigate the site and it is also easy for visitors to easy find the information they need.

Measuring Success

I still work to refine and target the client’s AdWords goals. In AdWords, there are several metrics by which to measure a campaign’s success.

  • Ad Position – An ad’s location on the page. To be on the first page of the Google Search results, an ad must be in positions 1-8.
  • CTR – An ad’s clickthrough rate, or the number of times an ad is clicked on in relation to the number of times that ad is shown (remember, those are called impressions).
  • CPC – CPC is short for cost per click, which is the actual cost a business incurs each time a user clicks on an ad. Google rewards well-written ads that are clicked on a lot, regardless of the budget of the advertiser. The better the CTR, the lower the CPC price becomes.

All the campaigns are today showing in top of google empowered with well optimised keywords with high conversion (ROI).

We were able to better target the ads to a more-relevant audience, which actually lowered the number of times our ads were being seen. Even with 11% fewer impressions, the AdWords campaign has resulted in 40% more clicks and 55% more site visits, at a CPC which is 60% lower than it was when I started managing this account.

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