volkswagen logo branding


Volkswagen AG, known as Volkswagen Group is the largest car maker in Europe.Volkswagen is a German multinational automotive manufacturing company headquartered in Wolfsburg, Lower Saxony, Germany.


Among the challenges Volkswagen faces:

  • A more user-friendly website focused on successful user experience that particular matches the company’s branding.
  • Interactive modern front-page presentation of the latest cars/configurations.


I together with a team developed a complete website focused on customer experience package for the clinic:

  • A new website design was created with a simple and elegant design, as requested by the client.
  • Design elements, including photos, colors, and graphics, were incorporated into the design while remaining true to the company’s branding.


The improvement of the customer experience and the online presence of the brand is growing and attracting more prospective clients as well as enhancing the current brand’s loyalty and trust. The brand got a new and modernized design that is very user-friendly and gets positive response from visitors.

Volkswagen websiteCheck the Volkswagen website.

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