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virtual reality

The difference between Apple, Microsoft and Google

Finally Microsoft is showning great commitment to the future of computing, after seven years of hard work Microsoft aim to completely change the way we interact...
albert einstein quotes

30 Albert Einstein Quotes That Will Blow Your Mind

Here are 30 Albert Einstein quotes that will open your mind. Just as much as he was known for his scientific accomplishments, he was also known for his wisdom, his wit, his insight.

delicate arch night stars landscape

10 Mind-Blowing Theories About The Universe and Reality

After millions of years we still have not been able to understand a fraction of our world, of our cosmos or of our own existence. After so many hard studies by brilliant scientist.

woman sharing husband

His wife asked him to take another woman for a date

After 21 years of marriage, my wife wanted me to take another woman out to dinner and a movie. She said, "I love you, but I know this other woman loves you and would love to spend some time with you."

geek vs nerd

Geek vs Nerd – The difference between a nerd and a...

Geeks and nerds can have characteristics in common, or may not, but when you know what they want in life, differences begin to show.

security and privacy

The hidden face of Facebook

An investigation by many independent organizations and media has confirmed the suspicions of many users about how the major social networks like Facebook and MySpace delivers private.

dark web

Chronicles of the ‘Deep Web’, ‘Deepnet’ or the ‘Hidden Web’

The terrible world of the Deep Web, where contract killers and drug dealers ply their trade on the internet.
Myths and legends

Myths and legends

In general we all have different views concerning myths and legends. Ancient cultures were in many ways much more advanced than we believe.
bollywood saksham gangwar

Bollywood: 100 years of music, dance and colourful landscapes

The Bollywood cinematographic industry, a 2 billion dollar powered business made of music, dancing, dramas, romance and colourful sceneries is currently celebrating its firscentury with a 6-day film festival and the release of "Bombay Talkies".
Best kept secret

This Comic Will Forever Change the Way You Look at Privilege

The Pencilsword's “On a Plate”  places two individuals side by side, showing how financial security and benefits, or the lack of it, affects them even if they come from households.