Tangier (Tanger) is today one of the fastest growing cities in the world. With companies from all over the world fighting to get a share of the city’s outstanding growth. 

Beside the amazing business opportunities, Tangier is much more that a regular industrialized metropole. I remember when I was a child, I often went to Tangier, the city that amazed me with its mystery. Indeed, no matter if it’s day or night, the streets are rarely empty. The explanation I received each time concerning this phenomenon was summed up in the fact that half of the population sleeps during the day to wake up at night! True or not, I leave you the pleasure of discovering…


We all have that quite undecided side: we are seduced by modernity and novelty, without however being insensitive to the charm of tradition, of authenticity.

In Tangier, when you’re at the table of a restaurant, in a hotel room or somewhere in the street of the medina, all intersect, starting with the landscape of minarets and church steeples pointing their heights in the city, at the medina or at the heights of Cap Spartel.

So many memories related to Tangier the mysterious, Tangier the cosmopolitan. It is often said that Tangier cries those who have not seen, and that those who have seen her cries once they’re away.

But it has not always been the case, For just about 10 years ago, Tangier wore a very heavy label, the tough label of city of all smugglings, refuge city and illegal clandestine Moroccan and sub-Saharian immigrants passage heading for Europe, a paradise for corruption and fundamentalist stronghold, shelter and transit for the drug mafias, smuggling and prostitution of all kinds, lovers of female flesh and also a nest of paedophiles and pederasts.

Many who knew the old Tangier wonders today… Is Tangier the same city as it was for 10 years ago? The answer is just simply, No! Today the city is experiencing unmatched real estate frenzy and afraid to lose her soul on it. Tangier is slowly but surely getting rid of the hard tag she wore before. Tangier is no longer the rebel and neglected child of the kingdom, and she’s firmly decided to leave the slump in which she’s been drowning in since more than four decades.

The city of Detroit is intended, in the government agenda, to become a major regional development center, a lively interface between Morocco, Europe and the world.


Between the new and impressive port of Tangier-Med (10 billion Dirham), multiple tourism projects, industrial and residential applications at Universal Exposition and the many cultural events (international jazz festival, national film festival, book festival, etc.), Tangier is not idle anymore. Tangier has quickly become a regional automotive hub and an attractive investment destination for the big players in the industry. The African detroit has ambitious plans to become a global leader in automotives. Tangier’s automotive industry has shifted into top gear, experiencing double-digit growth, with exports of cars up 90% so far…

“The real purpose is to generate economic activity, which is why the same entity is in charge of building infrastructure [and] running the port authority and the industrial clusters.”- Mehdi Tazi Riffi, Mediterranean Special Agency.

After many years of absence, The city is today strongly back with the big players. In mutation since a decade, the city of Tangier knew how to keep its charm and yet skyrocket it’s economy. Barely nine miles separate the port, of Tangier, from the European mainland across one of the world’s busiest sea routes, connecting the Mediterranean to the Atlantic. The Tanger-Med port together with free-trade zones, where customs duties are not imposed, designed to attract investment to Tangier’s industries and services, and to create jobs, the city is quickly becoming very competitive in the global market.


During the latest years, Tangier created new jobs three times as fast as Morocco as a whole (employment growth averaged 2.7% and 0.9% per year, respectively), while also outpacing national GDP growth by about a tenth.

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  1. Nice story
    But there is a dark side to living here in Morocco not mentioned. All are fed up with it, but it keeps things rolling.

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