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How to manage social media for a small business during the summer

Allow yourself and your team a break this summer. Be pro-social whilst you’re away and have a plan which your whole office can be apart of.

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jumping into summer

Jump into summer with 4 secret social media tools

Give yourself a break this summer and use these four secret tools which social media managers use to plan for their summer vacations.

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The Beginner’s Guide to Instagram

Beginners guide to Instagram to help you understand how Instagram works and how to setup your account.

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funny cat

The golden age of funny cats on internet

Over the last few years we can find funny cats on internet everywhere on the web: article about them, videos, pictures on social media and, why not, even dedicated websites.

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beautiful woman on pinterest and instagram

Why Your Business Needs Pinterest and Instagram

The time has come to embrace the marketing powers of Pinterest and Instagram

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How to make instagram work for your business

Are you using Instagram to market your business? If not you might rethink after reading this article.

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social media alternatives

3 Alternative Social Media Options

Though Snapchat is more than just an alternative social media platform for individual users, it isn’t one for companies yet.

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instagram social media

7 Steps to a Great Social Media Strategy

In a world where social media are becoming ubiquitous and competition is heavy, it is important to stay on top of the game.

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Scary monster

7 ways to survive a troll attack on social media

Trolls used to just be part of Scandinavian fairy tales, but now with the evolution of social media and blogs. they have become real and more scarring.

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twitter and engagement

Tweet! How to quickly increase your twitter engagement

Twitter allows you to share a tweet you like or find interesting. This function is called a retweet and the action is known as retweeting.

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