Tuesday, June 27, 2017

The Third Eye. A Blinding Moroccan Experience

‘The Third Eye. A Blinding Moroccan Experience’ is a video shot entirely using the timelapse technique, which lays emphasis on the unique energy and vibe of Morocco.

Online Branding: A Beginner’s Guide

Online branding is one of those words that seem to be overused a lot, with articles using it to mean a whole range of things.
business man with a blog

What your business is missing out on by not having a...

Are you thinking about starting a blog for your business, but aren’t really sure if you should or not?
girl facebook

10 types of friendships to avoid on Facebook

Finding friends on Facebook is easy, but sometimes it's better to avoid some kind of virtual friendship. The reasons? We can give you at least 10 reasons.

6 Free & Unknown WordPress Plugins

This list of Wordpress plugins that I share is of free and unknown Wordpress plugins you may have never heard of. The list includes many new plugins that are really interesting to any Blog or website as it provides useful functionalities for both onsite and offsite SEO.
css life motto

34 CSS Puns That’ll Make You Laugh

Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) is a stylesheet language that defines how the content on a web page is to be displayed with colors, borders, fonts, backgrounds etc.

The 10 types of content you should try

Having a blog can be challenging – something should be going on there every week at minimum. Are you worried about not having enough content to post?
google search optimization

Are you ready for Google’s mobile revolution?

Today Google updated its algorithm to penalize website which aren't mobile-friendly.
Responsive website

8 benefits to choose responsive design

Responsive web design represents a fundamental shift in how we’ll build websites for the decade to come. But how Important Is Responsive Design?

Photos impossible to reproduce

Here a list of 24 perfect Kodak-moment photos that were captured at the perfect time and would be impossible to reproduce!