Have you ever wondered what happens when you die to the accounts of the social networks where you are registered? Well it maybe good to Know what policies the most popular platforms uses to certify the death of a user.

Almost everybody today is using some sort of social media to get in touch with their friends, marketing their products or to just interacts/follow their idol’s daily life, but when users die many families do not know how to delete the profiles. Here are some of the legal procedures that the biggest social networks today follow.


You can carry out the legal procedure by contacting the company directly, which require confirmation of death.

The close friends of the deceased have two choices: delete the account or request the creation of a memorial profile. In both cases, documents must be made available to determine the relationship with the deceased.

On Facebook there is a possibility to pre-configure who will be responsible for the account in the event of death.


If the account of a Twitter user is idle for six months, it automatically expires. However, there is the ability to access and manage the account of a deceased contacting the social network and establishing that immediate family or legal representative of the deceased is.

Among other documents, Twitter request an affidavit certifying* the relationship to the deceased, and a copy of the death certificate and identity card.

* An affidavit is a written sworn statement of fact voluntarily made by an affiant or deponent under an oath or affirmation administered by a person authorized to do so by law.


Google created a smart function called the Dormant Accounts Manager that allows users to set a time after which the company will than be responsible for notifying us or to notify trusted contacts that this account is no longer alive, and may even delete the service after that period.

If the user has not used the service, the procedure is somewhat complicated. Google considers each request and then determines whether to facilitate access to the email account required for disposal.


In this network, the relatives of a deceased person may request removal email account profile. The support service Instagram gets them in contact with the applicant to request the information and documents necessary to close the profile.

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