How well do you know Dani?

suspicious face

Who's Dani's favorite DB character?

Dani's favorite DB character is known to have special abilities and is from a cool green planet named Namek. He is also Son Gohan's sensei, which explains Goku's son analytical and tactical abilities in battle.

What is Dani's favorite instrument?

Despite trying many different instruments, Dani have always been attached to one single instrument. His mum bought him his first harmonica in a festival called Achoura when he was just a little boy.

What is Dani's most favorite food?

Dani has a particular taste when it comes to food with a rather unique approach. He simply does not like food!

What is Dani's favorite activity?

Dani have many different types of activities he enjoy, but got as everybody else, his own special interest in one particular activity that develops a sense of focus and effectiveness.

What is Dani's favorite color?

Dani has never been known to like colors, that maybe due to the fact that he was born in a cold snowy winter day in Sweden as he seem to have developed a rather dark taste of colors if you ask me!

What is Dani's favorite movie?

Dani enjoyed many movies but some more than others. Bad boys 2 take the price as it really made Dani enjoy the 2 hours long sarcastic movie as never before.

Who is Dani's favorite president?

There are many presidents that really have done no good to humanity, but some at least are nicer than others.

Who is Dani's role prophet?

During history of time on earth many prophet have been visiting us to preach the same message. But as everything else, we all see ourselves best in different people.

Who is Dani's first love?

Dani has never been so much into love or really had so much interest to explore it until one day he saw a cute little sweet and naive girl that is not so sweet and naive today anymore!

Who are Dani's worst headache in life?

Life is full of tests and some are more complicated to surpass than others. But, there is those headaches that follow you through your entire life. For Dani as well as for Dexter, Dina is Dani's Didi! Help!

Who is Dani's idol?

Dani has always had one idol he really followed! It was not always the very correct way to go to say the least, but without a doubt the cutest! Despite everything, Dani is a mummy's boy after-all.

Who are Dani's favorite kind of people?

Dani enjoy people from all over the world. But enjoy spending time with one kind of people.

What is Dani's book all about?

Dani's is written a book about a very controversial yet important question. Are you keen to read it?

Who are Dani's closest childhood friends (-10)?

Dani take care of his friends and during his life he got some very close friends. At the same time he enjoying getting new friend, he keep always a special relationship with his childhood friends.

What is Dani's best kept secret?

Dani have a secret or two he have never told anybody. Well... It seems it going to have to keep being a secret I am afraid!