Kliwo's workshops, courses, guides, and resources are developed using unique approaches and business tactics perfectly suited for creating modern business, web, and digital marketing strategies that simply work.


Businesses seek to build engaging and enduring relationships with their customers. Kliwo aims to help businesses do just that! By guiding you and your team to connect your business with the potential target group of customers, and encouraging those to purchase services or products through effective engagement strategies designed to develop long-lasting customer relationships, you and your team will develop high authority and strong reputation brand.

Kliwo is a multilingual platform, that delivers a unique experience and comprehensive skills, aiming to through workshops, support businesses from all sections around the world in 4 languages, English, Swedish, Spanish and french. Each workshop is built and managed down to the smallest details to deliver the very best strategies and tactics that really make a difference. This is why I collaborate with your business to provide tailored workshops designed to really boost your business and achieve your goals with distinctive and engaging strategies focusing on exposure and conversion.

Kliwo is build to provide the very expert strategies, processes and tactics for businesses aiming to truly success online. With the engagement of other subject-matter experts and lead researchers, Kliwo gained broad industry knowledge, service-offering expertise, and technology capabilities capable of boosting new business and technology trends that surpass client’s expectations.

Kliwo’s workshops, courses and guides cover creative web design, UX/UI, web development, digital marketing, content management, storytelling, and all aspects of graphic design, from how to design flyers and business cards to corporate identity solutions and full business branding, and bespoke web design from small phone apps to large responsive content management systems.

Kliwo’s workshops, courses and guides are built to server variety of approaches required to serve my diverse range of businesses including large corporations, local government agencies, small businesses, and individuals. I am a dedicated and petulant digital expert who spends long hours pushing the boundaries of what is possible. For every request, I collaborate with external experts to pull the very best strengths available. As a high-end training platform, Kliwo take great pride in every single piece of developed work, always strive for excellence, and never produce or deliver anything that is not proudly sign with a 5-star testimonial.

Partners for success

Kliwo creates high-end workshops delivering quality business strategies, methods, and tactics with a rather unique approach to solving the organization's complex issues. The workshops, courses, and guides aim to help businesses improve efficiency through proven and well-researched methods and thus create strategies that enhance their growth.

Together with other subject-matter experts, Each and every Workshop delivers the very best digital strategies, creating effective, multilingual responsive & SEO-ready web solutions as well as productive digital marketing campaigns that will skyrocket your business.

The approach of each workshop is structured and methodical to offer solutions for the most complicated challenges covering:

  • Solutions based on market needs
  • Effective Work Management
  • Improve operational performance.
  • Helping production and client service more effectively and efficiently.
  • Constructive and diverse service offerings.
  • Experienced and creative skills.
  • Unique solutions for your business needs.
  • Dedicated and professional support.

Core values

Delivering genuine, constructive, productive, and effective workshops that help businesses to thrive, not just survive, in a hybrid working world.


"Complex challenges, simple solutions" summarizes Kliwo's philosophy of responsible work ethics and creative approaches to satisfying business needs.

Workshops, courses, and guides are specialized in helping businesses grow in various aspects of their journey, from global service execution to day-to-day operations with proven expertise and tangible results.

About me

I am Dani Thifa, a Swedish innovative computer engineer specializing in digital marketing, data analysis/analytics, frontend development, UX/UI, and digital transformation offering over 15 years of experience in the field with demonstrated ability to meet any company's goals.

I am also a husband, dad to two cute girls, uncle to triplets, and digital lead at CGI.


Digital transformation expert.

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From start-ups to global giants at the top of the Fortune 500 list, we have been lucky to influence some of the leading brands in the world. In return, they have been kind enough to share their experiences working with us.


Happy brands I've helped

Couple of brands I've helped succeed online through profitable business, branding and digital marketing strategies.

Check other case studies here

Pizza hut
Radisson hotels


Happy brands I've helped

Couple of brands I've helped succeed online through profitable business, branding and digital marketing strategies.

Check other case studies here