Amazing! Great service. Dani has a huge amount of knowledge when it comes to and , which has been of great advantage in marketing my skills and products.

Eve Yasmine Easton

Dani is someone that everyone is to be happy to hear from and has the respect for those he works with. He has a natural talent for making any project go smoothly and successful in the complex new digital world.

Hans-Peter Steffen (Hubspider)

Kliwo is amazing for everything related to and digital marketing, Dani has been so helpful and always goes the extra mile to deliver a top notch product. Keep up the good work.

Mehdi Ben Mouloud (Maersk)

Dani has a competent massive knowledge of web development, digital marketing, project management and E-commerce and because of this everything looks to be so simple, he is also a fantastic team player and team manager.

Anthony Novelli (Biocosemetics)

rachel marie shovelton

Dani is extremely organised in his approach to work. He developed many systems to streamline the work for the Bwin. He did this with no prompting, and continued to improve the working conditions throughout his time with us. Dani showed patience whilst training new staff, and calmness during times of pressure.

Rachel Shovelton (Bwin)

Dani has an extraordinary depth of knowledge in a wide range of areas, from programming to web development, from to , from design to marketing. This, plus his eternally positive approach to work, make it a pleasure to work with Dani. He has much to offer on all levels.

Bob lawson (Curaden)

Dani has helped advise and implement our and images with some fantastic original photos for our new website launch and has also helped with general coding issues. He is easy to work with and very friendly. Nothing is too much trouble for him. i would not hesitate in recommending to others.

Victoria Packman (Rock Recruiters)

Dani has a huge amount of knowledge when it comes to SEO and WebDesign, which has been of great advantage, when working alongside him.
No matter how many things he has on his plate, he always finds time to give a hand and help out. He is good at taking his time to explain SEO, whether it is smaller or bigger things.
Dani is good at making everyone feel included and is a very down-to-earth guy, who will bring you many laughs.

Alicja Andersen (Urbania International)

Dani focused in every aspect of Lapsum services and user experience. We doubled the traffic and sales and we continue growing extensively.

Javier Mendoza (Lapsum)