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Myths and legends

Myths and legends

In general we all have different views concerning myths and legends. Ancient cultures were in many ways much more advanced than we believe.
bollywood saksham gangwar

Bollywood: 100 years of music, dance and colourful landscapes

The Bollywood cinematographic industry, a 2 billion dollar powered business made of music, dancing, dramas, romance and colourful sceneries is currently celebrating its firscentury with a 6-day film festival and the release of "Bombay Talkies".
Best kept secret

This Comic Will Forever Change the Way You Look at Privilege

The Pencilsword's “On a Plate”  places two individuals side by side, showing how financial security and benefits, or the lack of it, affects them even if they come from households.

Vegan food

Top 10 Reasons To Go Vegetarian

Clearly, the vegetarian diet is a healthy and an ethical alternative that improves our standard of living as well as being respectful to animals and our planet.

man in style

Men who share too much

We all profess to want a man who will share, but be careful what you wish for ladies! We have all read about men liking a little mystery, how short skirts and low tops are very titillating, but the sexiest women are the ones who leave a little to the imagination.

girl hipster

An early morning in Gibraltar I discovered something

Today I just wanted to walk around the center of Gibraltar visiting some of the famous parts of this city. I wanted to experiment a beautiful morning here and take a nice English breakfast in one of it famous cafes.

best education system in the world

20 Best Education Systems In The World

Ranking and list of the top world's best educated systems and countries with the best education in the world. Here are 20 of the best educational systems in the world 2017 and 2018.

The Third Eye. A Blinding Moroccan Experience

‘The Third Eye. A Blinding Moroccan Experience’ is a video shot entirely using the timelapse technique, which lays emphasis on the unique energy and vibe of Morocco.
saturday night

20 fun things to do on a Saturday night

​What to do this Saturday night? List of ideas of things to do saturday. Sometime you have a free Saturday but don’t know what to do with it. Here we give you a fun activities to enjoy your saturday.

12 cleanest cities in the world

Ranking of the top cleanest cities in the world study summarizes results from experts of diverse nationalities listing the cleanest cities in the world.