Customer journey mapping

When we take a look at a website, buy, or simply consult a service, many sites go straight to our list of favorites while others, we don't even remember. And this is where the importance of the Customer Journey comes into play.

Ccreating a customer journey mapping

There are different stages that a customer goes through when they interact with your business. Unless you understand this process, you will not know what your audience wants and needs. As a digital marketer, I can't stress the importance of mapping the journey of your customers.

I offer this service to help you create a visual story of how your customers interact with your business. It will help you get into the shoes of your audience and see your business from their perspective. Be it a B2B, retail, wholesale, or any other business, I can do customer journey mapping for everyone.

Here is a complete guide to Kliwo’s customer journey mapping.

The goal of customer journey mapping

Kliwo's goal with customer journey mapping is to help you align with the objectives of your business. Such alignment will help you enhance the customer experience and ensure success. That is because I will create a map that will serve as a tool you can refer to about your customer.

Even your employees can refer to this map to understand your customers in detail. You can use the customer journey map that will create for you to:

  • Train employees
  • Improve the flow of onboarding
  • Create goals that focus on customers
  • Review customer lifecycle
  • Reduce any challenges that the customers face
  • Set a high standard for customer care
  • Improve customer experience
  • Increase the customer retention rate

You will achieve all of these goals with my expert customer journey map. I have more than a decade of experience with design, which means I can create the best visual story for your business.

Customer journey mapping plan

Before you select my customer journey mapping service, it is important you understand everything it includes. Here is everything that Kliwo’s customer journey mapping plan contains:

The first thing I do when creating a map is that identify all the stages that a customer goes through during their journey. You will notice that all customers go through at least four stages. These include inquiry, comparing, buying, and installing.

There are different names for each stage. For example, the first stage is also known as awareness, and this is when the customer gets to know about your business and wants to know more. Some journeys may also have a fifth stage.

This fifth stage is also known as loyalty. As the name suggests, this is when the customer becomes loyal to your business.

The second stage in the mapping journey is to create a buyer persona. It represents the market segment and is perhaps one of the most important elements. That is because the persona will reflect your ideal customer.

I do extensive research and analysis to create the perfect buyer persona for your business. That is because it is important to accurately predict the behaviour of your customers and what they feel about your brand. Creating a well-researched buyer persona is one of my many talents that will help you understand your customers in a better light.

Customer journey mapping is incomplete without touchpoints that a customer will use at different stages of their journey. For example, before the buying stage, the customer may communicate with your brand to understand more about what you offer. They can chat with the bots or call your business.

I specify these touchpoints so that you know what you should do to make the journey of your customer better at each touchpoint. For example, you can offer an exceptional customer experience when the customer gets in touch with you. If your agents appear knowledgeable and guide the customer, they will be much more confident in buying your product or service.

While it is easy to quantify your customers in data, it is still important to know that they are humans with feelings and emotions. In my customer journey map, I predict the feelings and emotions of your customers. That is because it helps my clients understand the pain points of the customers and what they like.

In the long run, this information can help you ease their pain by offering them the best solutions. Again, I don’t offer such information without research. Extensive research is done to understand your audience before I create a customer journey map for your business.

Businesses don’t just cater to one type of customer. My experience has taught me that each business caters to different customer segments at all times. It is my duty to reflect this in the customer journey map by accounting for the different customer segments that you cater to.

After all, each segment will experience your product or service in a unique manner. My customer journey map will be divided into different segments that will reflect the needs and attitudes of various customers. It will help you create an effective strategy for each segment of your market.

Finally, I aim to help you understand the customer journey map in the best way possible. That is why I use timelines, diagrams, infographics, videos, storyboards, and much more to help you comprehend the information in the best way possible. You can also use this eye-catching map to train your employees by helping them understand your customer’s journey.

Each customer journey map will look different, depending on many factors. However, you can count on the fact that all the information will be accurate and backed by statistics and data. I also use the latest tools and technology to create an appealing customer journey map.

Your true partner!

Now that you are familiar with Kliwo’s customer journey mapping service, you can hire me to create an eye-catching and research-backed customer journey map for your business. It will give you insight into your customers that you can utilize to enhance their experience. After all, you should do everything in your power to retain your customers for a long time to come.