If you are familiar with the world of SEO, you are aware that backlinks are the name of the game, and have been for many years. Over time, a number of tools have been developed in order to help you analyse your links, including Open Site Explorer, Link Diagnosis or to Ahrefs. This article will give a brief outline of another such tool that has been rapidly gaining in popularity and its now considered one of the industry’s heavyweights: Majestic SEO.

Majestic SEO is like ahrefs.com, a specialist tool for backlinks analysis. Paid subscriptions for Majestic SEO start at $39, but you can already get a lot of useful information with just a free account. Your can analyse your own domains with Majestic SEO if you verify your Google Webmaster Tools account. A Majestic SEO backlink analysis on your own domains can be very useful. If you want to do a similar analysis for other websites that your own, you need to get the paid Majestic SEO subscription.

What makes Majestic SEO so popular is that it crawls and indexes the web independently, without the help of Google. The analysis is thorough and the Majesty SEO database is updated every hour.

The Majestic SEO analysis offers users a lot of information about the backlinks on their site. It allows you to identify the number of links that redirect to your site as well as the number of referring domains. Majestic SEO also informs you on the new links acquired and those lost over time. All in all, Majestic SEO provides a solid backlinks analysis.

All you need to do is register and follow the instructions for allowing Majestic SEO to access your Google Webmaster Tools account. After this, you just need to perform the analysis, which will result in all sorts of reports and and lists. The Majestic SEO analysis provides the full list of backlinks, as anchor texts, referring domains, dates on which the links were first found, lost links, and more.

All in all, Majestic SEO is an easy to use tool that can provide all the information you need concerning your website’s backlinks. The free plan is pretty comprehensive and you can al;ways upgrade should you want access to additional information and services. Whichever way you look at it. Majestic SEO is a leader in backlinks analysis and it is definitely worth registering for.

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