MBC magazine

MBC is an online magazine that is now bought and merged with an external company. The magazine provided its writers share the same fundamental rights. The magazine focuses on different areas such as world analysis and conflicts, science and beliefs, top ranking stories, people and achievements, entertainment, social media and travel with a global following.

Business Challenge

MBC have a diverse audience, which keeps the dialogue and the movement we’re a part of dynamic and strong, and it is also highly-regarded as an education resource used in universities and high schools.

  • MBC needed a new and modern but clean online magazine design to reflect its professional approach to journalism.
  • Onsite SEO optimization.
  • Offsite SEO optimization and press releases.
  • Focus on the US and spanish market.


mbc magazine

Dani have triplicate the traffic to our magazine, engaged our readers in our social media channels and improved our overall organic traffic. – Annika Kesje Møller


  • Developed a complete online marketing strategy.
  • Complete onsite work.
  • Keyword focused articles.
  • Ongoing work on the Onsite SEO optimization.
  • Creating and building quality backlinks and press releases
  • Ongoing Social media training to improve social media presence


In less than 1 year, MBC team were able to see rapid results on the increase of organic traffic of MBC with up to 300%. Starting from an average traffic of 30228 sessions to 111986 sessions per month.

mbc analytics

The success of the MBC web site does not end here. As the project continues more changes are implemented, which results in a constant increase on organic traffic.

mbc magazine

For social media marketing I have implemented the global page configuration for the 3 markets MBC is aiming to reach. The magazine is focused on 3 markets with 3 different languages, french for the french speaking market, spanish for the spanish speaking countries and english as the default language.

mbc countries

I have implemented an invitation the organic readers visiting the site to the different social media channels. involved the site with related groups and social media marketing, which results into a boost for the site traffic and more people following the magazine’s social media channels. After analyzing the results, facebook was the social media that brought best traffic to the site which made me concentrate on that social channel which triplicated the traffic coming from social media.

Social Media

I analyzed local and global competitors as well as investigating significant keywords in diverse categories. Two months of dedicated work resulted in a drastic improvement of the overall search engine positioning and traffic in comparison to the top competitors. I was also able to position attractive and high traffic keywords all from “Best education systems” to “things to do Saturday night” at the top of google.

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