Curaprox is an essential part of the Swiss company Curaden International AG. Curaden is an established worldwide retailer of dental products.

Curaprox, founded in 1972, provides Swiss quality products for the international dental market. These products are known worldwide in particular for their excellent reputation and high quality.


  • Onsite SEO optimization
  • Offsite SEO optimization and press releases
  • Email marketing campaigns to promote their products and their vision
  • Sales of the CS5460 personalized toothbrush to dental clinics
  • Brand and product awareness tailored to the German and Austrian market
  • Translate traffic to a higher conversion rate.


  • Ongoing work on the Onsite SEO optimization in cooperation with the Curaprox team
  • Creating and building quality backlinks and press releases
  • Ongoing Social media training to improve Curaprox social media presence
  • Ongoing email marketing campaigns directed to German and Austrian dentists, dental technicians, and hygienists
  • Writing and developing both informative emails and sales strategies (soft and hard sales) in several languages
  • Convert the visitors to buyers with attractive products with functional marketing messages and pictures.


The email campaigns achieved great results in terms of awareness and ultimately led to the acquisition of new customers. Dentists responded positively to these campaigns and showed an increasing interest in the Curaprox sorties. The positive response was turned into a successful business through the sales team. Other campaigns showed the steps Curaprox takes to help protect the environment, thus increasing customer loyalty.

Regarding the organic traffic and as displayed on the chart below, I was able to improve the organic traffic of the Curaprox website in a record time. I started the project by analyzing the E-commerce website and built a technical report with all the inaccuracies, adjustments, and issues that the site was experiencing. At a later stage of the project, I worked together with the technical team to improve and implement the onsite modifications by guiding and instructing Curaprox technical team on the crucial Onsite SEO changes. Curaprox was able to rapidly see a consistent and essential traffic increase and conversion rate.

curaprox traffic improvement old

In less than 4 months I was able to see rapid results on the increase of organic traffic of Curaprox with up to 90%. Starting from average traffic of 4750 sessions (view image above) to 8038 sessions, as indicated in the image below.

curaprox traffic graph

The success of the Curaprox website does not end here. As the project continues more changes are implemented, which results in a constant increase in organic traffic and profitable conversation rate.

As part of our work with Curaden, we have also improved the company branding and the worldwide E-commerce positioning of Curaprox. Besides the organic traffic improvement, I have also improved the company’s domain authority going from 31 to 49.

curaprox daily result

I analyzed local and global competitors as well as investigated significant keywords in the dental industry. Four months of dedicated work resulted in a drastic improvement in the overall Online Marketing and Search Engine positioning in comparison to the top competitors in the industry.

I have also worked on quality backlinks to improve the overall online presence of Curaprox. I know that the quality of inbound links is more important than the quantity! This means the source of all our link building (who and where published links to Curaprox), the anchor text (how does the link look like), and the quality of the link (better quality means a better impact on SEO). I was finally able to gain profitable inbound links by focusing only on quality sites linking to Curaprox.

This results in not only increased quality traffic and higher conversion rate but also better branding and online presence of Curaprox. Curaprox was able to duplicate their monthly income in only 4 months of work.