Eki Dental

The Eki Dental clinic in Málaga, Spain, is run by Dr. Eki Pfitzenmaier, an independent German dentist who also speaks English and Spanish. In the clinic he relies on one co-worker and two other specialists; an orthodontist and a physiotherapist. Together they serve about 800 clients from many different countries. Doctor Eki specializes in implantology and is also trained in acupuncture, hypnosis and homeopathic medicine.

Business challenge

The need for an efficient way to retain their existing patients and attract new patients on social media

The ability and time to communicate on social media in three languages

The need to explore additional social media channels


A social media strategy and a work schedule, targeting the local market in Málaga in English, Spanish, and German.

Development of exclusive and customized content, images, and infographics for social media.

Expansion of the clinic’s social media activity to include Pinterest, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

A new digital marketing strategy to boost clinic awareness and conversion.

The online presence of the practice is growing and attracting more clients as well as enhancing the current patients' loyalty and trust. Doctor Eki is able to fully concentrate on his patients and their treatments and not worry about the digital marketing and growth of his clinic.

The project was developed and delivered in working agreement with Hubspider, an agency situated in the south of Spain.