Positioning your brand in the first results of a search engine increases the chances of attracting customers and conversions. SEO helps gives your website more visibility over the competition.

Skyrocket your business online!

As an expert on SEO and one of the oldest digital marketing specialists, I perform a wide variety of white hat techniques to really make your website loved by search engines and thus move your website to the very top of the search engine result (SERP). This will bring more visitors and conversions to your business.

I value honesty and integrity with each client I work with. I always play fair, using only white hat SEO to drive effective results without spamming or cheating the system which leads to future Google penalties.

Search engine-friendly website

A good search engine optimization (SEO) plan is essential to fully optimize your online presence, enhance your brand authority, and attract new prospects to your business.

Today, even the most responsive and engaging websites still struggle to be found on popular search engines, such as Google and Bing, if they are not properly optimized and correctly maintained for search engines.

With over 15 years of experience working with industry-leading businesses, I’ve developed unique skills and techniques to promote your website and brand authority on the internet.

SEO and Lead Generation

Kliwo specializes in organic SEO for both local and global businesses. By using the newest technologies and techniques in the field as well as adapting our strategies to the continuous changes in the search engines’ algorithms, we can ensure your business traffic, authority, and keyword rankings are competitive and organic.

  • Optimization of the structure of your website.
  • Optimization of your website with engaging and dynamic content.
  • Optimization of your media, graphics, and files.
  • Optimization of your online interaction with relevant inbound links.
  • Use only White Hat optimization techniques.
  • Custom Keyword selection and analysis.
  • 100% Organic White Hat SEO.
  • High ROI (return on investment).
  • Quality organic and targeted traffic.
  • Increase brand authority.
  • Positioning keywords on major search engines such as Google and Bing.
  • Title Tags Optimization
  • Meta Tags Optimization
  • ALT Tags Optimization
  • Hyperlink Optimization
  • Sitemap Generation
  • XML Sitemap Generation
  • XML Sitemap Submission
  • Search Engine Submission
  • HTML Purifier
  • building Search 404 strategy
  • Making URLs Friendly
  • Proper Linking Structure
  • Right Keyword Density
  • Right keyword analysis
  • Optimize site performance
  • Optimize site speed
  • Optimize site content and images
  • Google and Bing analytics report synchronize/tracking
  • Webmaster tools authentication
  • Backlink generation.
  • Analysis and reporting.
  • Reports as per your requirement.
  • Ongoing support.
  • Complete Onsite and Offsite optimization.
  • Achievable timeline for Local Keywords Bing: 3-4 months, Yahoo: 3-4 months, Google: 4-6 months
  • Keywords Analysis
    with extensive research and analysis adapted to your website.
  • Best Keyword phrases per each page
  • Search engine friendly HTML code.
  • Optimized unique titles and content.
  • META descriptions
  • ALT tags, and navigation
  • Image and media optimization.
  • Examination of internal linking structure including the selection of link names and titles.
  • XML Sitemap for proper site navigation and google indexing.
  • File and page name structure.

Backlink generation ensures quality high authority backlinks from other relevant sites which translates into an increase in your website’s authority and quality in terms of search engines, resulting in more relevant organic traffic.

I will work closely with you and your business, ensuring that the work and strategies implemented are naturally engaging for your prospects as well as being suitable for search engines.

SEO Process

No matter what company you are in or what industry you belong to, I follow a general process that is applicable to all sorts of businesses. The process is there to ensure that you are benefiting from a complete plan for your SEO. Here is everything you can expect from my SEO process.

Whether local or technical, I conduct comprehensive research for your business regardless of what SEO you want. That is because I take the time to understand the needs, expectations, and demands of your business. During this phase, I have a meeting with you to conduct a review of your website.

After that, I try to understand and identify the KIPs that you use that determine the path of your conversion process. Of course, I also perform keyword research to see what you are using and if it is working for you. All of this enables me to gain a deep understanding of the SEO practices of your company.

It also helps me understand the goals and purpose of your website. Once I know all of this, I can move on to step two in my SEO process.

Research is always incomplete without analysis, as they go hand in hand. After completing the research, I move on to conduct an analysis that will include:

  • Link risk assessment
  • Website audit
  • Review your website analytics

This is the stage where we work together to collect and analyze the data of your business. Doing this helps me understand all the factors that are positively or negatively impacting your digital presence. I look at traffic patterns, any technical issues on the website, the backlink strategies of your competitors, your existing link-building techniques, and much more.

Such insight will give me a full picture of all your SEO practices and what you can do to improve them in no time.

Once I have this information, I can move on to creating the best SEO strategy that will benefit your business for a long time to come.

The analysis phase is where I will identify all the SEO opportunities you might have and the gaps you need to fill. Then, I will create a strategy that will suit your business in the best way possible. The strategy will also include the objectives of the SEO practices, what outcomes I expect, and how long it will take to execute each strategy.

Of course, it will take time to create a strategy and then put it into action. I prioritize all the important aspects of your SEO so that you can benefit from the best. In the long run, you will receive results that you had always hoped for from your business SEO.

The next step in my process is to implement and execute the strategy we have worked so hard to create. I optimize all your blog posts, website pages, and more with new strategies and SEO practices. For example, I conduct extensive keyword research and optimize your site with keywords that perform well on search engines.

On the other hand, I will also improve the structure of your website and manage the local listings of your business. Keep in mind that my SEO strategy is always multi-channel. That is because I use all avenues I can to help you boost your SEO results.

In the long run, our strategy execution will help you increase your reach so that more people can get to know about your business. SEO is one of the best ways to boost your digital presence in no time.

It is not enough to just execute an SEO strategy and wait for the results. Instead, you also need to constantly track and monitor the changes you have made and executed to your SEO strategy. I track and monitor the strategies I execute to understand the impact of the SEO campaign I create for you.

For example, I analyze all the important KPIs, keyword rankings, and much more. On the other hand, I also take a look at your conversion rates, click-through rates, bounce rates, organic traffic, and more. These rates give me an insight into the SEO efforts I have made.

If there are any changes that need to be made, we understand them during this phase and implement those changes. The key is to keep optimizing your SEO practices for the best results and insights.

I am always there to continuously improve the SEO strategies of my clients. That is why I create reports to help you understand the progress of your SEO campaign. I will offer you a comprehensive report that you can review to understand the performance of your website.

The report will include any important rankings, overall traffic, KPI trends, and much more. You can opt to have such reports every month or three months, depending on what you would prefer. Each time, you will get to know how your campaign is doing.

Finally, my process includes making any final adjustments to your SEO strategy and updating it with the latest SEO trends. After all, the digital world is constantly changing, and your business needs to keep up with it. This is where I come in to help you evolve and stay in touch with the changing demands of the industry.

You can trust me to make all the final adjustments that will take your SEO to another level. I will also inform you of the progress of your SEO campaign throughout the process.

I will work closely with you and your business, ensuring that the work and strategies implemented are naturally engaging for your prospects as well as being suitable for search engines.

Let's start!

If you want to improve your SEO strategy or create one from scratch, then I can help you achieve all these aims in no time. You can opt for a consultation with me, and we will review the needs and objectives of your business. After that, you can decide whether you want to opt for my SEO service or not for your brand.