10 types of friendships to avoid on Facebook

People’s personalities can be studied by just analyzing their personal Facebook profile. We have found 10 types of people that it’s best to avoid on Facebook for your…

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virtual reality

The difference between Apple, Microsoft and Google

Finally Microsoft is showning great commitment to the future of computing, after seven years of hard work Microsoft aim to completely change the way we interact…

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delicate arch night stars landscape

10 Mind-Blowing Theories About The Universe and Reality

After millions of years we still have not been able to understand a fraction of our world, of our cosmos or of our own existence. After so many hard studies by brilliant scientist.

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geek vs nerd

Geek vs Nerd – The difference between a nerd and a geek

Geeks and nerds can have characteristics in common, or may not, but when you know what they want in life, differences begin to show.

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security and privacy

The hidden face of Facebook

An investigation by many independent organizations and media has confirmed the suspicions of many users about how the major social networks like Facebook and MySpace delivers private.

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dark web

Chronicles of the ‘Deep Web’, ‘Deepnet’ or the ‘Hidden Web’

The terrible world of the Deep Web, where contract killers and drug dealers ply their trade on the internet.

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windows 10

Windows 10 : 10 things you need to know

Breaking with the past, forgetting the old, and embrace the new. Microsoft wants to take distance from the old, put land in between…

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