Chapter 28 : It Didn’t Happen…

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I’ve been so patient, and I haven’t lied to my family when I have said that the delay doesn’t bother me as much I imagine it is bothering Twat Face.  I would think that as much as he hates the process, he just wants it over.

Chapter 27 : Patience Is A Virtue

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Today was the day, it was the fork in the road that I have been preparing myself for.  Today was the scheduled date for the plea and case management hearing.  He (twat face) would enter his pleas to the court for the outstanding four charges.

Chapter 24 : I Got The Dates Wrong

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I was telling you in my last post about the first court hearing, where ‘he’ changed his plea ~ again ~ to guilty, but his defense was that I was not eleven, I was fourteen.  When I was told this by the policeman that attended, and was updating me, it made me worry.