Chapter 17 : Head, Torso, Knees & Toes Pt 3

doctor medical medicine health

I was wrong!  In part 2, I suggested that going to the doctors may not be as helpful as it could be due to the time I would need to go through everything with the doctor,

Chapter 9 : The Terrible Deed Part II

woman snow

During the church service where everyone offers piece, although there was little doubt that he would not approach whilst I was there, I did have to be sure, so I approached him first so that my mum wouldn’t be put in the position of facing him, and potentially choking him on sacred ground.

Chapter 5 : Five More Sleeps.. (I wish)

Only 5 more sleeps to go… The closer it comes, the harder it is getting.  My brain won’t switch off, it flips between being excited about finally not having this secret, and wondering about the future, and about what it may hold for me.