Chapter 28 : It Didn’t Happen…

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I’ve been so patient, and I haven’t lied to my family when I have said that the delay doesn’t bother me as much I imagine it is bothering Twat Face.  I would think that as much as he hates the process, he just wants it over.

Chapter 24 : I Got The Dates Wrong

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I was telling you in my last post about the first court hearing, where ‘he’ changed his plea ~ again ~ to guilty, but his defense was that I was not eleven, I was fourteen.  When I was told this by the policeman that attended, and was updating me, it made me worry.

Chapter 17 : Head, Torso, Knees & Toes Pt 3

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I was wrong!  In part 2, I suggested that going to the doctors may not be as helpful as it could be due to the time I would need to go through everything with the doctor,

Chapter 9 : The Terrible Deed Part II

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During the church service where everyone offers piece, although there was little doubt that he would not approach whilst I was there, I did have to be sure, so I approached him first so that my mum wouldn’t be put in the position of facing him, and potentially choking him on sacred ground.