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Chapter 28 : It Didn’t Happen…

I’ve been so patient, and I haven’t lied to my family when I have said that the delay doesn’t bother me as much I imagine it is bothering…

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Chapter 24 : I Got The Dates Wrong

When we looked at the date, it confirmed my worst fears. I was wrong, but so was he; The details were all correct.


Chapter 19 : Emergence

Back in Chapter 7 : The Damage Done, I told you about the atrocious tattoos that I got, and my terrible, illogical reasons for getting them.

Chapter 17 : Head, Torso, Knees & Toes Pt 3

I suggested that going to the doctors may not be as helpful as it could be due to the time I would need to go through everything with the doctor,


Chapter 15 : Karma

Around the village, more and more people are being told about what has happened. My mum is so upset, and also angry that he doesn’t know how many people know.


Chapter 13 : Is Ignorance as Bad as Cruelty?

Now that the ‘secret’ is out, my family have taken great comfort from their close friends. Prior to Twat Faces arrest, they were wary as to who they could tell.

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Chapter 12 : A Cross To Bear

I don’t know how I feel right now. I can’t quite put my finger on it. I’m happy, excited, yet numb and confused.

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Chapter 11 : The Wish

This week I went to church with my mum again. I didn’t think he would even go this week knowing that my mum would be there…

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Chapter 10 : Police Day…

Yesterday was a difficult day; it was my interview with the police. I haven’t slept in almost 4 months with the anxiety of this trip.

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Chapter 9 : The Terrible Deed Part II

During the church service where everyone offers piece, although there was little doubt that he would not approach whilst I was there, I did have to be sure…