Researchers are often finding various artefacts that can show us tremendous knowledge of ancient people. But these knowledges faced an interesting paradox. While on the one hand are teachers in schools telling us that people and all nations weren’t in past so advanced, on the other hand we can find everyday facts, which are showing us something else. People in ancient times were much more educated than we can imagine or want to admit. One of these nations with enormous knowledge are Dogon people.

Dogon, who live in western Africa, are not at first sight so different. Their sacred tree is Baobab and sacred animals are fox, snake and crocodile. However, in something quite substantial, are different. Dogon have surprisingly big knowledge of astronomy. Already in ancient times they knew Jupiter’s four moons and Saturn´s rings, which weren’t seen by “civilized” world until to the invention of the telescope. But that’s not all. Next are their legends linked to the Sirius star, which they considered Tristar. But modern science discovered second sirius star (and named it Sirius-B) in 1862 and Sirius-C is still under discussion, since its existence would explain irregularities in the movements of Sirius-B and the entire system. Even their knowledge say that Sirius B is the heaviest thing in the universe and scientific computing actually revealed that the weight of Sirius B is 50 tons per cubic centimeter. Furthermore, they have four calendars – one for the Sun, Moon, Venus and Sirius.

There are many critics who claim that the Dogon gained their knowledge from  the researchers, missionaries or during wars, in which were men recruited. But as was mentioned above, they know these informations before there were confirmed by modern science. Even in 1930 it was the most isolated nation in Africa. So the question is: Where do they get these huge knowledges? Legends speak of gods who came to Earth from the Sirius system. Next, legends says, that there was a creature called Nommo, who was the first living being created by the god, creator of the universe, Amma. Nommos were amphibious, epicene creatures whose upper body was human and the lower back fish. These creatures, which need water to live, may remind the legends of the mermaids. It is therefore possible that even medieval sailors during their voyages met with the ancient teachers of Dogon and their descendants.  These beings, which should inhabited a world that was part of Sirius, came down to Earth from heaven in a boat accompanied by fire and terrible noise, which can evoke landing spaceship.

Interesting are also other informations. As indicated above, in 1930, Dogon tribe was the most isolated nation in Africa. In 1931 a group of ethnographers and travelers, led by Marcel Griaule and Germaine Diterlen undertake a research of life, religion and customs of this African nation. These researchers found out that the legends of the Dogon tribe also speak about genetically engineering through which we were created. They say that our creators made experiments and in fact made three different versions of humans. The idea of genetic engineering are encountered also in the other parts of the world. Overall, the authors of conspiracy theories argue that Earth is a sort of “experimental laboratory” and that all mythical creatures like harpies, sphinxes, centaurs, mermaids, and many others actually existed and were result of different genetic mutations and trials.

Last questions which remains is: Why experts are not trying to learn more from this tribe, which has so precise knowledge? Is it possible that they know also something what world should not know?

Article by: Majka Chlupová / Picture source: Eric Montfort

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