Driving business with user experience

Client-focused customer and user experiences (UX) designed with engaging user interfaces (UI) for tangible results.

Creating a website or an application that appeals to the customers is essential for any business online. Your clients must be pleased with the interface and the efficiency of the user journey of your website as this affects your sales and finances significantly.

An efficient UX design based on data analysis is key to helping your customers enjoy a hassle-free experience and conversion.


The workshop aim to help small, medium, and large businesses design an effective UX design for websites, e-commerce, and apps based on research and data analysis.

The workshop covers the importance of thorough research before creating a platform. This is why extensive planning is required when accommodating your client’s needs. You will learn how to research your market space and understand your industry in order to develop a working UX design for your business.

The primary way starts by understanding your main audience. For every successful business, knowing the values of a client’s audience is necessary for developing a pleasant and fluent experience. At this rate, we will cover everything you need to know to develop a customer-centric experience that simply works.

Various things play an integral role in an excellent UX design. For instance, a business must understand the reason behind the product or service and the value they bring to the client’s audience. Besides, How your website or application helps your audience navigate that site, find what they looking for and convert is also necessary to grasp.

Another thing I will be covering during the workshop is how you work productively on presenting and market your service or product’s functionalities to ensure your audience can easily understand your business, your access the website or app and finally follow their path to conversion. 

Every business requires a unique design and user path to maintain its audience and attract new customers. This workshop will help you understand this. You will learn how to develop a unique UX design tailored to your specific industries and audience group.

You don’t have to worry about recycled or outdated ideas because creativity is this workshop’s utmost priority. You will learn how to find creativity and how to research for ideas based on the need of your audience. 

UX designing may be complex, through the workshop I will make things easier for you and your business by offering sound advice and business structures that will help building effective UX processes and strategies that really works. 

Another part that we will be covering during the workshop is an effective use of your prototyping tools for your UX designing. With time, I have used various tools for building UX solutions for big brands such as Pizza hut, Volkswagen and Bwin. This is why I know the best software for creating a unique design based on team work, audience research and data analytics.

Kliwo have already helped 1000s of business success with their UX work. This is why Kliwo, for many, is the go-to stop when searching for advice about serious UX design solutions that really work. Creating a product or service may be difficult, but you don’t have to do everything alone. Learn how smart UX strategy can help you and automate many of the steps otherwise time-consuming. 

After the workshop, You and your business will have access to exclusive guides and articles that will keep you updated with the latest trends and updates related to UX. Additionally, you will also have access to the multiple free resources and guides I offer to improve your overall business objectives through effective and data driven UX.

You will also be receiving a monthly update covering everything that need to be taking into consideration to keep your business up to date with all the necessary updates happening in the ever changing digital world.

Learning about UX design can be complex because the topic is somehow boring for many businesses. You may also dread the technical aspect of the design process. However, you don’t have to worry about this when attending this workshop

I have created a simplified learning process and will guide you and your business through all the necessary steps with simplified processes that really makes the whole experience much easier. 

All the exercises, tutorials and guides during the workshop are continuously reviewed to ensure you receive error-free and up-to-date information. 

You will also be continuously updates regarding the updates and changes your business need to work on based on the analysis results. This way you will keep your business up-to-date with steady improved results. 


Once you finish the workshop and complete the hands-on project, you'll earn a certificate stating all the covered moments that you can share with your business and your professional network.



Hi! I am a data analyst, user experience designer, digital marketing specialist and expert in digital transformation. I help businesses, savvy marketers and UX advocates succeed with their businesses online.