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Create a unique, creative and trustworthy website by understanding strategic web design with Kliwo — from technicalities, development and research to business strategies and maintenance for competitive advantages.

Web design is one of the best expense you can invest in for your business. It offers endless benefits that will help you scale your organization, earn your client's trust and gain online authority in the highly competitive digital world.


Learn how to build a website that encourages potential clients to engage, follow a designed user journey, take action through conversion and that they find a pleasure to use.

A UX design is one of the most important aspects of your website. In the long run, my modern UX designs can help you enhance conversions, prospects, sales, and customer retention.

Through my collaboration with other industry leading professional designers and UX experts, you will learn the fundamentals to build your website interface with an exceptional layout, making it easy to navigate and engage with. Such features will guarantee that the customer finds their user journey in a very well-designed organized and easy-to-follow structure. This translates to your customers staying on your website for longer time.

The attention span in the digital world is short, as most potential customers don’t stay on a website if it doesn’t load in 3 seconds. You will learn how to build modern UX designed websites where every second count.

More than 62% of website traffic comes from smartphones. Kliwo understands that you have to cater to such users, which is why your website need to be  both mobile-friendly and strategically designed for mobile users.

You will learn how to develop websites that loads on mobile devices in less than a few seconds to ensure a quick user experience for both your customers and search algorithms.

Beside the optimization and technical aspects, your website need to respond to the nature of the device and the screen sizes. Which is why optimizing your page to work strategically different on different devices is key. When users access your website from a smartphone, the design need to automatically adapt to the mindset of its users to guarantee a fantastic user experience and easy conversion.

If you want to retain your customers for a long time, you must engage them with your website. Together with other professional web designers, storytellers and marketers, you will learn to create a really engaging website for your business. For example, we use the power of fonts, color psychology, interactive elements, user behavior analysis and much more to retain the attention of users.

Of course, you will also learn how to develop websites with a professional voice that will set your business apart from its competitors. After all, there are endless websites online, and customers are always looking for something special, unique and personal. Through my experience and expertise, I will help your business have a unique professional voice to make you stay ahead of the noise.

It is challenging to keep a website running manually at all times. It’s smart to have your website automatically manage most of the processes, so that you instead, can focus on developing your business digital marketing strategies to grow your business.

You will learn how to back your website with a powerful CMS that will allow your in-house team to edit your website with ease and convenience.

CMS will help you create meaningful communication with your customers so that they can stay loyal for a long time. 

Throughout the workshop, I will be covering examples from both small businesses and large organizations such as Volkswagen, Pizza hut, Bwin and Curaden to name a few.

You will learn how to effectively research your target group, analyze your competition, read your findings and set up a strategy to develop smart websites that guarantee prospects turning into conversions from any device.


The workshop covers a rather unique approach to web design. It is really not about redesigning a website based on best practices and look. In my experience, this type of approach doesn’t result in a site living up to its potential. Instead this workshop is about strategic website redesign based on research and analysis of data.

Whether it’s a new or an existing website, research and analysis of data is the first step to undertake before beginning any type of work.

You will learn how to conduct extensive research to understand your industry to build a websites best suited to your target group. For example, during this stage, you will learn how to target your audience and their preferences, tastes, and attitudes for your business to offer an ideal solution.

After conducting research, you will work on creating the optimal interface or layout for your website.

During this stage, you will learn how to develop an effective concept of your website design and all the elements you aim to include in it.

Of course, this is where many elements gathered in your research report need to be taken into consideration.

Once you create the interface or website layout, You will learn how to track the success of the published work by running it on a beta mode for a specific amount of time based on the goals of your business. 

During that time you will learn how to gather suggestive data and user suggestions to execute functional final version of the website.

The primary aim of this research and analysis is to enough data to ensure your business website offers the best user experience and user journey for your visitors.

After testing and analyzing your developed  website, design , UX and user journey of your pages. you are now ready to publish or final version and market it the right way. 

You will learn how to make this stage of the process count and how to build an effective engagement strategy that handles the visitors in the best possible way. 

Analyze the success of your website, and determine which areas need further optimizations and improvements for future success through periodical deployments covering the improvement requests.


As a business, you will quickly realize the need of a custom website tailored to your needs and conversion goals. Hence the following topics will be covered to ensure your website is inline with your business requirements and brand's digital marketing efforts.

Many businesses use platforms such as Shopify, WordPress, and similar ones to create their websites. While these websites may be presented to you as a quick solution, they lack the uniqueness and flexibility you need from a website, as a custom website design is needed to fulfill all the needs of your customers.

Learn how to develop frameworks for your website and give it an optimal structure. The end result will be that you will benefit from a sophisticated website that you can edit and optimize whenever and however you like. It will also help you stand out from your competition, as website builders offer limited templates that businesses can use.

You can think of your website as the face of your brand, as that is the first thing people see when they conduct a search for your website on Google or other search engines. That is why you must guarantee that the website aligns with your brand objectives by expressing what you stand for.

Learn how to create a custom website that express your brand in the best form. This includes using adequate color schemes, typography, and other elements that resonate with your brand personality. The aim is that when a visitor comes to your website, they will know what you stand for at the first glimpse.

When creating a custom website, you’ll need to take the user journey of your customers into consideration. There are also different type of user journeys, depending on why the visitor is on your website in the first place. In this workshop we will clarify the need of developing a custom user journey when designing your website.

Additionally, you will learn how to map the different journeys of your customers and design your website according to the needs they are there to fulfill. 

My objective with this part of the workshop is to help you create a website that will take into account your brand message and customer journey. That is why when your customers come on the website, they will find it incredibly easy to navigate and use. In the long run, a well designed user journey will help you stay ahead of your competitors.

When you look at different user statistics, you will understand why a custom web design is the best option for your business as some of the below statistics indicate:

If you deconstruct these statistics, you quickly understand the importance of a great website design. But, in order to build a great website you need to master the research and analysis of your industry and competition.

During this workshop we will go through the way you research your industry, find your target group and analyze your competition. All of these elements will come together to create a high-performance website that your users will love.  

Finally, During this workshop you will learn how to effectively maintain your website and how to develop a process of deployment.

You will learn how to monitor your website and ensure that it stays up at all times. If there is any downtime, you will learn how to track the issue on how to develop a fix as soon as possible so that your website is up and running in no-time.


Once you finish the workshop and complete the hands-on project, you'll earn a certificate stating all the covered moments that you can share with your business and your professional network.



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