13 best free SEO tools for 2021

13 best free SEO tools for 2021

Searching for the best SEO tools that are free is never an easy task. I mean, who doesn’t love free SEO tools? Especially when they provide you with a high ranking, high traffic, and higher revenue.

Of course, not all free stuff is great. For this reason, I have filtered out the junk to bring you the very best free SEO tools you need for your SEO work. 

These SEO tools are powerful, effective, and will provide you with great value.

How can SEO tools improve your business?

If you are not using SEO tools, then you are missing out on a lot. The use of SEO tools can be crucial for your business. Data shows that SEO tools can provide a lot of value to your business: 

  • Researchers have discovered that around 80% of users focus on organic search results.
  • Organic traffic through SEO strategies can generate almost 40% of your business revenue.
  • 93% of online experiences start with a search engine such as Bing and Google.
  • It would help if you ranked high on Google through SEO as 1 billion people use Google every month.
  • 50% of searches start with long-tail keywords.
  • 75% of search engine users will stick to the first page

These numbers show how important SEO is to your business. Without it, you can’t succeed in the digital world. Here are my best free SEO tools you really should be using for your business and that can take your SEO strategy to the next level:

1. Google Analytics 

Link: Google analytics

If you are not using Google Analytics for SEO then you are simply doing it wrong. It is perhaps one of the best free SEO tools you will find out there.

google analytics

Google analytics will provide you with all type of data such as:

  • Page speed.
  • Organic traffic.
  • Traffic sources.
  • Bounce rate.
  • Behavior flow.
  • Time on site and much more…

You can utilize this data to produce valuable insights and then tweak your SEO strategy accordingly. It will provide you detailed information about all your traffic. I can with confidence say, that no one will provide you with better data than Google Analytics.

2. Google Search Console 

Link: Google search console

If you think Google Analytics is a great and useful tool, you will quickly realize that Google Search Console is even better for SEO. That’s because the tool is solely focused on SEO. It will provide you every information possible on optimization and “search”.

google search console

The tool will provide you every information possible on how to optimize your content as well as how your SEO work is progressing with information such as the total clicks, total impressions, average CTR, the average position of your website and much more…

All digital marketers need to use the Google search console as its dashboard updates very frequently and provide you continuously with key insights to keep improving your SEO results. However, the best part about this tool is that you can easily integrate it with Google Analytics. 

Doing this will provide you with even more information such as the keywords people are using to find your website, the organic click-through rate of your site, the average time your visitors are spending on your website, and much more. 

3. SEOWorkers Analysis Tool 

Link: SEOWorkers

SEOWorkers is another good free SEO tool you may find useful for your SEO work as it generates detailed reports that you can utilize to gain valuable insights.

All you need to do is to add the URL of a website (it can be any website, it doesn’t have to be just yours) and it will create a detailed report with many key data to help you improve your SEO.


Even though the design is kind of outdated or stuck in the 90’s! SEOWorkers tool analyses a variety of important data on a website such as:

  • Meta tags analysis
  • Keywords in anchor tags
  • HTTP headers check
  • Keywords relevancy
  • Keywords found in the images

These are all details that people normally don’t bother checking. However, if you want to improve your SEO then knowing this information is very important as well as the key to surpassing your competitors in the Google search results (SERP). 

The best part about this tool is that in addition to giving you insights data about your website, it also provides you with important information on your SEO.

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4. Ubersuggest 

Link: Ubersuggest

No, this has nothing to do with Uber. Ubersuggest is an SEO tool provided by my colleague Neil Patel and that is designed to help you elevate your SEO game and stay ahead of your competitors. If you want to be successful with SEO then you need to understand what you are doing, what your competitors are up to, and the strategies you need to map in order to take advantage of the market. 

ubersuggest search box

Ubersuggest is intuitive and easy to use so you will have no problem using this tool. All you will have to do is type either a keyword or a domain in the search bar to get started.  

Once you do that, you will be provided with an analysis report about the searched keyword or domain. You can use this report in the following ways:

ubersuggest dashboard
  • Click “Keyword Ideas”: This will direct you to an even more comprehensive report
  • Review results: This will be a list of keywords related to your primary keyword that you entered in the search bar

Each report will give you the following keyword insights:

  • Cost-per-click
  • Competition in paid search
  • Competition in organic search
  • The average number of monthly searches the keyword has.

This is why Ubersuggest is one of my favorite free SEO tools available today. It provides detailed insights into keywords and other SEO analytics. You can then use these insights to create amazing content that will rank high on Google and on other search engines. 

5. Detailed 

Link: Detailed


Do you want to know who your competitors and stay one step ahead of them when it comes to SEO? If you answered yes, then you need to use Detailed, as the tool will provide you with a complete list of the most popular websites in your industry. 

It allows you to check your competition and see what they are doing. You can then spot trends and understand what is working best in terms of SEO for your competitors. These insights will let you know what you need to do to increase your visibility as well.

You can tweak your SEO strategy according to information reported by Detailed, this way you will always be ahead of your competitors. The best feature of this SEO tool is the “Mentions” feature. It allows you to see who has linked or mentioned your competition in their tweets.

The Mentions feature will provide you insights on how popular your competition is on social media platforms. And with that information in mind, you can investigate your target group and reach out to them with a much better approach on social media.

6. Seed Keywords 

Link: Seed keywords

If you have been using various SEO tools beforehand, you know that most of these tools work the same way. You have to enter a seed keyword, and the tool will provide you with a list of other closely related terms.  

However, the problem is that everyone who uses these tools enters the same set of seed keywords. That’s is why Seed Keywords is one of the best free SEO tools when it comes to keywords. It takes a different approach than all the keyword tools out there. 


Instead of finding seed keywords yourself, the tool makes you can ask your customers how they search for you online. You can then use their queries and enter it into the search bar. Once you submit this, you can do a Google search for the keywords your customers gave you. 

seedkeywords results

It will allow you to understand how competitive the keyword is and use it for your content. It is an entirely different approach, and no other free SEO tool is providing this approach. So, if you want something unique yet useful, then start using this tool right away.

7. CanIRank 

Link: CanIRank

CanIRank is one of my favorites free SEO tools when it comes to keyword difficulty research. It tells you whether or not you can rank for a particular keyword.


Unlike other tools, it will not tell you if your keyword has high or low competition. Instead, it will give you a customized answer based on if you can rank high using that keyword or not.

Apart from that, it will also provide you with an analysis of how you can rank high using a specific term. You will not only get analysis but advice too that you can utilize to elevate your SEO game.

8. Seobility 

If you want a detailed analysis of your website’s SEO then Seobility is the tool to use. It will analyze your complete website and will provide you information on SEO-related issues such as: 

  • Technical problems
  • Blocked pages
  • Sitemap issues
  • Slow loading page
  • And a lot more

This type of information is usually present in paid tools. However, Seobility provides this data free of cost to its users and it is accurate as well. So, you can utilize it to tweak your SEO strategy and make relevant changes to rank high.  

seobility dashboard

The free version of Seobility is perfect for beginner bloggers or online business owners as it provides you with a lot of insight to follow up on your SEO achievements. The free version includes the following:

  • 1 Included projects/domains
  • 1000 Maximum crawled pages/project
  • 100 Amount of checked external links
  • 1 Number of parallel crawlers
  • 1 day waiting time for re-crawls
  • 10 Included keywords
  • 3 Competitors per project

Seobility truly is one of the best free SEO tools I have tried as it will provide you a detailed content report. This report will feature all the SEO-related issues in your content. The tool is extremely intuitive and it will detect all these issues within a matter of seconds. 

9. SERPerator 

Link: SERPerator

Did you know that the search results change significantly depending on your location and device? Yes, you read that right. It means that what you search for in your city may not give you the same result as what you search for in another city.


However, this tool makes it easy for marketers to understand SEO. It allows you to see the search results from different devices and cities. Don’t believe us? You can use two mobile devices, enter the same city and search term, and see how the results differ in both the devices.

It will help you understand the SEO techniques you are using. You can then narrow these down even further to suit your audience, their locations, and the devices that they use.

#10. Yoast 

Yoast is one of the best free SEO tools and plugin for WordPress. However, you can use the tool from their website as well. It is one of the SEO tools that is most used by content creators and marketers alike. 

This fantastic tool will analyze your content for keywords, show you what your content will look like on Google search, and much more. It is the most diverse SEO tool you will find that is entirely free.

If you have a WordPress website, then this tool will do wonders for you. It provides an XML Sitemap Generator, and that is perhaps its best feature. It will also update your sitemap automatically. How amazing is that?

#11. Animalz Revive 

Link: Animalz Revive

Animalz Revive is one of the best free SEO tools to improve and update your website’s old content. This tool finds your old content for you so that you can edit it.

Animalz revive

Before this tool came, you had to waste a lot of time and effort going through your Google Analytics account to find old content. However, with Animalz Revive, you will not have to waste time at all.

It will let you know the exact content and articles on your website that need your attention. You can then upgrade the content and optimize it further. The best feature of this app is the “Traffic Loss Since Peak.” 

This feature is responsible for letting you know the number of visitors the outdated content is costing you. It will provide this data to you in percentage form and the number of visitors.

Once you see this, you can tweak the content or remove it to gain more visitors. SEO is a continuous process, and you need to keep making changes to give you results.

#12. LSI Graph 

Link: LSI Graph

LSI Graph provides advanced content optimization. It can transform your SEO game and take it to the next level. It will create a variety of keywords that you can utilize in your content. 


The best feature of this tool is its analysis feature. It allows you to dig even deeper and find more keywords that you can utilize. The keywords they provide are accurate and helpful.

Once you use their keywords, you will see the results yourself. It is a game-changer for people who want to optimize their content entirely.

#13. Wordtracker Scout 

Link: Wordtracker Scout

This is one of the best free SEO tools if you want to stay ahead of your competitors. It takes a different approach to SEO and keyword research that many tools don’t consider. 

To use this tool you don’t have to enter a seed keyword. Instead, it will provide you with a list of common terms on a certain site. So, how can you use this to stay ahead of your competitors?

Well, you can go through their pages and then utilize the keywords they are using as well. This will help you rank high just as they are. This way you will always be at par with them when it comes to SEO. 

The best feature of this tool is known as “opportunity.” This feature lets you know the keyword that has the highest search volume. You can use this information to incorporate the best ones in your content.

Final Words 

These were the 13 best free SEO tools you will find out there. If you are not utilizing any of these then you are doing SEO wrong. You can use multiple tools for different uses and optimize your content.

This will give you a detailed insight into what the content on your website will look like. SEO is not easy but it is also not impossible. These tools make everything extremely easy and convenient for everyone out there. 

Dani Thifa
Dani Thifa

My name is Dani Thifa and I am a husband to a clumsy wife, dad to two cute spider babies, uncle to triplets, blogger, and digital lead at #CGI.

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