10 best online learning platforms in 2022

10 best online learning platforms in 2022

Looking for the best online learning platforms to boost your online teaching career. Online learning has been on the rise as technological advances take place. Many people believe that you can learn absolutely anything from the comfort of your home through online learning platforms.

There are many online learning platforms, but we’ve shortlisted some top ones to help you get going. Here are some of the best online course platforms for teachers and students:

1. Thinkific

Link: Thinkific

First on our list is Thinkfic. This is an online platform that contains all the features for professional individuals to create and deliver courses online. They boast a huge customer base of over fifty thousand course creators with over sixty million courses taken.

Thinkific can help you create an immersive and interesting online course in a short amount of time. Three courses with unlimited students are available for free. However, you will have to take a basic, pro, or premier plan with a monthly subscription after that.

2. WizIQ

Link: WizIQ

WizIQ is a platform that focuses on teaching and training students. It includes a portion of video learning, virtual classrooms, assessments, content management, and tests for evaluating the progress of a student. The structures and features of their online course are easy to understand and operate.

Moreover, you can also communicate with your students or teachers through the chatbox and ask them about your queries. This can be easily downloaded and run from your tablet, smartphone, or computer.

3. Teachable

Link: Teachable

Teachable is one of the rare online learning platforms designed for both, students and teachers. Thousands of teachers can create and design an online course and then make them available to millions of students to make money.

Likewise, millions of students can take advantage of these courses and learn many things to boost their skills in their fields or brush up their expertise.

4. Shaw Academy

Link: Shaw Academy

This is an online learning platform based in Ireland. Shaw Academy focuses on online webinars that are accessible to students via recorded videos.

An online course can be beneficial for students’ self-learning. You can even replay or download some courses to learn them better as they are not live sessions. This makes online learning at home easier for many individuals. You can also get a four-week free trial to test their services.

5. Skillshare

Link: Skillshare

The best people in the field of online learning are teaching and giving classes on Skillshare. They offer courses in many fields such as designing, photography, video making, writing, technology, and businesses.

By learning from the people who are experts in their selected fields, you can have access to a great amount of knowledge and brush up your skills even more. Furthermore, there are plenty of free online classes available here. If you want to avail of more options or get more courses, you can go for a paid plan as well.

6. LinkedIn Learning

Link: LinkedIn Learning

This is one of the biggest platforms for professionals and learners and popular among millions of people. LinkedIn learning helps you to grow your career by viewing thousands of videos with lectures.

These can be in art, technology, business, software development, and many other areas of education. If you are not sure about getting yourself registered to their paid services, they are offering a free trial for 30-days so it can be easy for you to decide how beneficial and helpful this platform is for an online course.

7. Learnworlds

Link: Learnworlds

If you want to start an online course or training session, you should consider it to pass on the knowledge to students who are willing to learn through this online platform. It can be used to create or design an online course and make it available to students.

Alternatively, you can also learn from the courses available on this platform. It is a flexible option to do both, list courses, and learn from those online courses.

8. Udemy

Link: Udemy

Udemy is another giant when it comes to learning from an online course. They offer you plenty of courses in different languages to increase your knowledge. Some courses and learning lectures are free of cost to help individuals who are unable to afford this level of quality education.

Furthermore, you can use this application from any device around the world. Thousands of experienced teachers and professionals teach these courses. Moreover, they also offer programs like hobbies, health, and productivity that can be beneficial to make your lifestyle more colorful. Their paid service is lecture or course-based where you can get advanced courses for a small fee.

9. Sure Treehouse

Link: Treehouse

This platform offers you the best courses in technology. If you are interested in brushing up your skills to become a highly-skilled person in the coding and designing field, you should sign up with Treehouse. Their helpful team of professors can boost your career in technology fields.

The first seven days after signing up are free of cost; don’t forget to take advantage of that. After seven days you can get yourself registered according to your education need and pay accordingly for the courses you are taking through this company.

10. Coursera

Link: Coursera

Lastly, Coursera is another option, if you want to receive courses in data sciences, business, literature, and many other fields. Moreover, affiliations with many reputable universities such as John Hopkins, Duke, Imperial College London, and Stanford make it a great option.

Their online courses can increase your intellectual level while preparing you greatly for all the future challenges in your career. If you want to take advantage of their courses, you can sign up for its paid version as well. This will give you access to many courses that will land you plenty of certificates as well.

Final thoughts

Online learning is a new and innovative way to learn from experts and professional tutors from around the world. If you are a teacher, you could design, create, and provide courses on these online platforms as well.

The best part about this is that you can learn or teach almost everything from the comfort of your home. If you’re a student or a teacher and were looking for a great online course platform then this list will help you out.

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