How to get free traffic from Pinterest search in 2022

How to get free traffic from Pinterest search in 2022

If you have a business or a blog and wonder how to get free traffic from Pinterest search in 2022, then you have found the right guide to walk you through all the steps to ensure you are fully covered to start generating that organic traffic your business requires.

Did you know that Pinterest is an amazing platform to build organic traffic just as well as with SEO on search engines? Of course, getting traffic from any site or platform is difficult and time-consuming. But when it comes to Pinterest, the time spent in the platform will deliver you the organic traffic that is so hard to get from search engines and that branding that is so difficult to achieve. I mean which blog doesn’t like being noted by its visitors after all!

I know for a fact that most of you have the idea that Pinterest is just another social media platform, but believe me, it’s so much more than that.

First of all, from the way it is built, Pinterest is the only social platform that delivers consistent organic traffic. You can categorize it as something in between search engines and social media platforms.

Secondly, Pinterest is very popular in the U.S so the traffic you will get is mostly from the U.S which is great news for bloggers who want to make money from their blogs. But more on that later.

Most of the digital marketers and bloggers that we have worked with have had issues understanding the very core functionality of Pinterest. Perhaps due to the fact that the platform is so different from the rest of other social media platforms that not many bloggers or digital marketers are investing the right amount of time to really master it. In fact, most businesses will not even consider Pinterest in their social media or digital marketing strategies. believe us, we have been there.

Nevertheless, in this article, we will help you explore in great detail the world of Pinterest and how to use the platform to generate quality traffic to your website or blog. Follow us and you will quickly find out why the Pinterest platform is hands down one of the best-kept secrets in the digital marketing world.

Why Is Pinterest a necessary for a business?

Traffic is crucial for a website as a large number of visitors to your blog would make it profitable for your business and of course, appealing for your brand! Yet, not all the traffic is equally good. This is why it is crucial to only focus on increasing the right type of traffic you want for your blog.

With good business analysis, you can quickly corner The right target group, most beneficial to your blog. With that said, it is important for us to stress here that bad traffic can impede your website on many levels. By expanding your traffic in accordance with the type of visitors, you will have a better option to build your site and get the traffic required to have to pay clients for your blog.

You can get free traffic from your Pinterest account using the following tips. Let’s check them out!

How to create and enhance your business profile

The services offered to private and business profiles are different. Besides, rich and promoted pins can only be used by a business profile. Changing over to a business profile or forming a new profile is free. Create your business profile and fill out all the necessary sections.

Once this step is completed, choose your interest based on the interest of your audience. These interests will be utilized to occupy your home feed. Set up your business profile after that using a profile picture, creating a business name, filling out descriptions of your site.

Form Creative Boards:

The next thing that you need to do is to upgrade your account for Pinterest search. As the Pinterest profile is not as shrewd as Google, so you need to choose smart and relevant keywords with creative boards. You can utilize these key phrases in the names and descriptions of your boards, the description of your pins, and even in the formation of your business name.

Generate Useful Pins:

Pinterest has made a change in its algorithm that influenced how your pins appear to the subscribers of this website on their feed.  According to common knowledge, Pinterest now puts more emphasis on indicating pins that lead to blog entries and other significant sources.

Attractive pictures that do not prompt accommodating sources are visible less on the website. This also includes pictures that are not directly linked to any website. So, to get more traffic from search, start a blog feature for your website. If your business website doesn’t have any blog feature, try to create images that can be pinned easily.

Up Your Subscribers:

A huge list of subscribers is very significant. Try to form pins that should reach non-followers as well. To achieve this task, generate pins which attract both your followers and unfollowers. When you begin to give steadily applicable pins, Pinterest will begin to show your pins in the Picked for You section on the feed of the subscribers more frequently, allowing you to conceivably reach millions of followers.

Pin High-Quality Images:

Pinning high-quality images are also essential to increase traffic on your Pinterest. A research was conducted to find out which type of images would do good in Pinterest and the image which won out was that of a salad.

The winning characteristics which the image had were very unique. Some characteristics were no face, less background, a lot of colors, and the use of portrait style. Keep in mind that you will never be able to create a perfect image for your profile but, if you use some of these characteristics in your images, then you will surely attract a lot of traffic.

Give A Link Of Your Website:

Attaching your website on your Pinterest account can also be a good idea to attract more viewers. Once they realize that you are a genuine person, they will keep re-visiting your profile. They will begin to trust you more. To prove your identity, you can also put up a display picture of yourself with some description of what you do.

To confirm your website, just click on the icon of the ‘confirm website’ in the website section. Follow all the instructions on the next page and attach your website through any method you find suitable.

Make Your Profile Friendly:

If you are serious about your Pinterest profile then you fully need to maximize your profile for the users. A user-friendly profile is very essential to get more traffic on your profile. The more you keep posting on your Pinterest profile, the more users will visit you.

You can also make your profile user-friendly by creating boards that you can easily promote. You can also convert your boards into blogs and other content that the users like. Sometimes getting traffic on a single board is easier than getting traffic for the whole profile. So, make creative and popular boards!

Build A Community On Your Profile:

Just like any other social media platform, you can get more traffic on your Pinterest profile if you start working in a community. You can do so by following other boards that are similar to your category.

Be More Social:

Be more social on your social media profile and try to help your users as much as possible. If you provide a solution to the problems of your users, you will surely get a lot of traffic as they will keep revisiting your profile to find more useful things.

Keep Working:

By and large, you need to be patient for the development of your account. Do not stay in the hope to get traffic just within days. Although the development of your account tends to be difficult, if you will put in more effort, it can be highly rewarding too. So, just be patient and keep working on your account!

So, if you want to increase traffic on your business profile on Pinterest, just follow these steps. Although it will take much time to achieve your goal, you will reach there eventually. All you have to do is be patient. 

Before you deep dive into the world of Pinterest to drive traffic and branding yourself, let’s understand some of the terms, techniques, and strategies to increase traffic from Pinterest to your blog. 

What is a Pinterest board?

The real idea behind Pinterest was to create a social media platform or place where all the users can interact with the content and share them if they find it relevant and interesting. Boards on Pinterest is a place where you have an option to save pictures, contents, or ideas in which you are interested and would like to share it with others.

If you are using Pinterest with a personal account then you can easily create a board on the topics, whatever you like, it can be related to anything such as health, fitness, fashion, automobiles, flowers, nature, etc. However, if you are using a business account to build and promote your business, we strongly suggest you create boards, pins, and ideas relevant to your business. 

For example, if you have a tourism business and use the Pinterest business account to drive the traffic or visitors to your tourism blog or website, then you should try to create the boards of some beautiful places, such as mountains, waterfalls, hill stations, snow-capped peaks, valleys, sand dunes, etc.

Just try to show the most beautiful tourist places in which you are providing the tour and travel services. This was only an example, you can do the same with the other type of business to grow rapidly and gain an audience.

The contents and ideas you’re posting on your Pinterest boards should be similar to topics and the subtopics on which your brand works. There is also an option to collaborate with different people using group boards and share your pins from the internet, related to the specific topic, This is also one of the best ways to increase your reach and audience.

What is a Pinterest pin?

Pins are simply the ideas, pictures, or the contents that you have to save on your virtual Pinterest boards.

You can relate these pins as pinning ideas right to your Corkboard. Each and every Pin is linked to a website where more information can be gained about the pin. In this way, one can easily drive traffic to his or her blog or website. You can attach any valid link to your pins which forward your audience or visitor to your website. While adding or editing your pins you will have to fill in some details to optimize your pins. Let’s discuss them now. 


You will have to select the board on which you want to save your pin. It will make it easy to categorize and differentiate between the topics and sub-topics. 


You have to select the section of your pins, it will help you to organize your pins.


The description part of the pins on the Pinterest is one of the most important parts. People don’t use the description option in a better way and don’t want to give their time to write a good description, which is very useful. There are some important tips and tricks which you should definitely follow to write a perfect and optimized description. Some of them are – 

1. A bit longer description

You should write a long and detailed description of at least 250 to 300 characters. Pins with longer descriptions receive more repins in comparison to those pins which have a comparatively shorter description.

If you are sharing technology, don’t just write the name of the technology, try to explain the speed, scalability, scope, and other useful features of that technology. You should let the readers or the visitor know the interesting facts and advantages of the technology. You should write a description in such a way that it convinces the reader to click on the image and visit the website you’ve attached in order to know more about the technology. You can also use various word counters available online to count the number of words and characters in your description.

2. Including a link

Sometimes including a link in the description of your Pin can be useful to drive those traffic or readers to your website or blog, who usually reads the description first instead of clicking on the image of the Pin, to expand and then clicking on the image to visit the website. You can add some important information with the link that drives the audience to visit your website or blog. Make sure that you share the original, legal images and content from your own websites or blog, and don’t try to divert the audience or traffic to your website or blog from the contents and images of another website or blog, as doing these kinds of works will degrade your credibility and quality.

3. Call to Action

Placing a short call to action texts such as “Check out this article” or “Know more by clicking on the following link” or “Must see blog post” right before the link provided in the description can be a better way to drive more people to click and visit the link in the description. This can definitely increase your traffic gradually.

You can also write calls to action such as “Please like” or “Please repins” or ask your reader or audience to comment. They can be very useful in convincing the audience or visitor to visit the blog or website and gain you traffic at last.

4. Adding price

If you are a business and want to promote your product on Pinterest then you should not miss on adding the price of the product in the description of the Pin. When you add the currency with the amount or the price in the pin’s description then it is displayed attractively on the part of the image of the Pin itself. You can increase and drive sales to your specific product by writing an optimized description along with the price.

5. Using the right hashtags and keywords

Using the right hashtags and keywords, are very important to increase the reach of the post or the content on any social media platform either it’s Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or any other. You should definitely use proper hashtags and keywords in your pin’s description. They are very useful to rank your pins in the search result, especially when people type a specific keyword in the search box and perform a Pinterest search. When people click on certain hashtags then also, an automated search is initiated with that keyword, this also makes your Pin and Pin description appear in the search result, gaining more authentic traffic and audience. You have to do little research to use the right hashtags and keywords. Keywords are also important in the SEO point of view.

6. Mentioning other’s

Sometimes you might be sharing another Pinterest user’s content or pins, if doing so, just don’t forget to mention them as this can be a great opportunity to build a good connection with them. Just share their work in a fair way and make a strong connection with them, if they like whatever you are doing, they may share your work also, in return, giving you the initial boost in the audience and expanding your reach.

Using these important tips and tricks to write a perfect and optimized description will definitely make your pins perform better in comparison to others.


As the name suggests you have to provide the link to the specific blog post or website page that you want the audience to visit after clicking on the image of your pin. You can provide the link of any article, product, recipes, or anything with a valid and fair URL.

Comment and photo permission:

These are some of the privacy-related options which you can use as per your requirement while creating or editing a pin.

There is also a term named “Repin”. If your follower saves your pins to their boards then it is called a Repin. Your followers can easily explore the pins you saved on any of your boards, and if they find it interesting and relevant, they can easily save it on their board. For instance, creating your original Pin and saving it from any content you have discovered is pinning, and sharing someone else’s pins is repinning.

There are various kinds of pins and boards on Pinterest, they can be related to health, motivation, technology, quotes, and many more. There is a section of Home feed where you will get a constantly updated new content and can discover the Pins from other people.

While exploring your own Home feed, find and open the Pin, click on the save button to save it on one of your own boards.

Why is Pinterest awesome for Bloggers?

There are various reasons why Pinterest is extremely useful for a blogger. Working on Pinterest for a small-time can give you free traffic. There is a huge potential to gain viral traffic on any of your Pin. There is a higher individual earning potential on Pinterest in comparison to any average user on different platforms.

You can easily get consistent and organic traffic over a short span of time because people generally use it to search and discover interesting and new content, they use it more as a search engine instead of a social media platform. Pinterest can be fully optimized and automated with the help of a scheduler. 

There are very few people on Pinterest who get in touch or socialize themselves. Most of the people use it to search and find new content and save it into their private account. It is very much similar to Google or Youtube and different from other social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram. Pinterest is really powerful when it comes to gain higher organic reach in comparison to other social media platforms.

Most of the users on Pinterest are actively seeking for  ideas, new content, and interesting Pins through the provided search engine in the search box or in the Home feeds section. Your content or Pins if properly optimized can be easily found through the Pinterest search. 

Pinterest is great for driving the audience to your website or blog:

Different social media platforms are built in such a way that people do not leave the platform or do not find it boring. Just take an example of Youtube, there is very little chance that you leave the platform finding it irrelevant and boring, they show you the content and ideas relevant to you and on the basis of your interest. You can spend hours and hours on Youtube without being bored and deprived of interesting content.

Sometimes you yourself are astonished to know that you have spent multiple hours on Youtube or sometimes you get to sleep while watching a video on youtube. That’s the power of the platform, they don’t let you leave them easily.

But Pinterest is a kind of different platform, it directly shows you the link to visit the website or blog. It is completely based on the point to find the relative content or idea and immediately check the content and makes it a real and genuine source of traffic and audience for getting visitors to visit your website or blog content.

If we talk about the most popular social media platform Facebook then it is worth mentioning that every social media marketer loves it. Facebook can be very helpful to drive more traffic if you are using the paid ads. But still, Facebook is also not a reliable social media platform to drive audience and organic traffic if you are a beginner blogger with a low or no ad budget.

There are various reasons why the Pinterest platform is more preferable than Facebook for new bloggers. When using Facebook, nearly 10% to 15% of your followers will moreover and actually see organic posts and this may drop if you stop posting. Your post will be represented with a non-relevant post where it can feel like out of the box. If you have to grow fastly on Facebook, sooner or later you will have to use the Ads.

There is no other way to grow fastly unless you already have large traffic and visitors from other great sources or websites. Ads are mostly expensive and you will have to make it to compete with all other Ads in the same niche, we call it Ads optimization, you will come to know about it when you will start using the Facebook Ads.

So, if you are a beginner in blogging and initially want to gain free and organic traffic, you should definitely spend some time on Pinterest. 

Techniques and strategies to increase traffic to your website or blog from Pinterest:

Now, let’s start the complete step by step guide on the technical strategies and different ways to increase traffic to your website or blog from Pinterest from scratch. 

Making a Pinterest account

The first thing you have to do is to create a business account on Pinterest. If you already have your personal account then you can convert it to your business account, but if you don’t have one then it is recommended to create a fresh and new business account from the start. 

Just go to your home page, click on the signup button and select “Create a business account”, now you have to enter some business and personal information and then proceed to create an account. Pinterest UI will remind you to follow some topic relevant to your business, just select at least 3 topics similar to your niche, or relevant to your website or blog.

This will definitely help Pinterest to generate topics and Pins to display on your Home feed section. The home feed is a section like Newsfeed on Facebook, you can see all the content, ideas from the people, or the account you follow.

Completing your Pinterest profile

Completing your profile is very important as your profile reflects the authenticity and quality of the blog or website. You can edit and complete your profile anytime by clicking on the profile under the settings menu. You can easily find it on the top right corner of the Pinterest home screen.

Just provide your business name along with one or two keywords, providing your business name along with one or two keywords will definitely help you with the important search engine optimization. For example, if you have a tourism business with the name TourismXYZ then you should write your business name like TourismXYZ | Best in Budget Tourism. 

Now, add a brief description of your business and here also use the specific niche related keywords as discussed. Next, set your username and profile picture. A clear logo of your brand or business is recommended to use. You should use the square ratio of pictures for the best results.

The current Pinterest profile photo dimension is 165 x 165 pixels. You should use a good looking profile photo as it gives a more professional look to your Pinterest profile. You can use Canva or Crello online editing tools for making your profile picture or logo.

Integrate your Website

You can Integrate your Website by scrolling down to the Claim section in which you have to claim your website, Claiming and integrating your website is important as through this Pinterest know you own and share the content from your Website or blog domain. This becomes easy when you use the WordPress platform for your Website. Just install the Rank Math or Yoast SEO plugin, it’s a very useful plugin for optimizing your content overall and we will use it to gain traffic and audience from Pinterest. After downloading and installing the SEO plugin of your choice on your website you will be able to open your Pinterest account and in the “claim section”, type your domain name and click on the Claim button.

Now, select the preferred option to Add the relevant HTML tags, copy the character within the justified quotations, now you have to go to your WordPress dashboard interface and click on the social link right under the Yoast SEO settings. Next, just navigate to the Facebook tab settings and enable the Open Graph metadata. Now navigate to the Pinterest tab settings and here you have to enter the confirmation code you have copied from Pinterest into the confirmation field and save the changes.

After that, get back to Pinterest and click on the next button to complete the setup. Pinterest may verify your website within a day. If successfully claimed you will see the green checkmark right next to your domain.

Pinterest Rich Pins 

Rich Pins are a kind of organic Pins that automatically sync the information from your website and display them to your Pins. You can easily identify Rich Pins by the extra information above and below the image or on a closeup and the bold title in your feed. Rich Pins will reflect the real-time changes made on the original website. Rich pins are free products available for every Pinterest user.

This will definitely help you boost your Pins reach and engagement on every type of content you have and types of the Pins you are using. There are various kinds of rich pins on the basis of which the content is displayed.

For example, Product Rich Pins includes the most up to date availability, pricing, and product information right on your Pin. Recipe Rich Pins adds a title, cook time, diet preferences, ratings, serving time, and moreover a list of ingredients to the recipe you Pin from your site. Article Rich Pins adds the headline, the title, the description, and the owner of the blog or author of the article or blog post from your site.

The Pins with the rich Pins enable consist of a link to the website or account owner along with the follow button.

Now, let’s discuss how to set up and enable Pinterest Rich Pins. Make sure you’ve enabled the Open Graph Metadata. To set up rich pins, simply visit the Rich Pins Validator, and here you have to copy and paste a link to any of your posts right into the field provided. It’s important that your Uniform resource locator or URL is linked to a WordPress post or a page. If you use the link to your homepage, then this will not work.

Now, Click on the Validate button, make sure HTML Tags are selected, and then click on the Apply Now button.

You might get the notification from Pinterest that they will review your submission and after that they will email back to you for any queries regarding the approval or rejection of your Pinterest rich pin application. Now, let’s move further and do some stuff related to boards and Pins.

Creating your First Pinterest board

Pinterest boards are the way to categorize and organize your content or pins that you save on your profile. You should create at least 3 to 5 boards to give a good start on Pinterest. You can create and edit the board any time by clicking on the pencil icon right at the top of the board. Make sure you give a fair and authentic name to your board instead of something weird.

For example, if you have a business of selling used cars then choosing the name “Sports cars” for your board is better than naming it “Fastest supercars”. The name should be a little classy instead of something else. 

It is more preferable to use search keywords in the naming of your boards. You have to think like an audience or a visitor, you have to think about which term they will use to discover the related content or ideas, and on the search of which term your boards and pin should appear in the results.

You will automatically get your board cover as soon as you save 2 or more Pins on it. Actually, your board cover is the combination of different images you’ve used in your Pins.

You can also create a custom cover for your boards by simply uploading an image to your Pinterest board and editing the board settings to choose a cover. You should use the 500 x 500 px size for your board cover. Remember often the size of the Pinterest board covers changes and if you are using your custom board cover, then they will look different across various devices based on their display size. 

Follow peoples and brands of the same Niche

You should not forget to follow peoples and brands of your same Niche as it helps you analyze the content and ideas of your competitor and their sharing methodology. You can share your relevant Pins and boards with the audience and the content in the home feeds. You should follow at least 10 to 15 popular brands of the same niche and people sharing the same content and ideas. 

Following popular peoples can be more beneficial for you as they are actively searching for new and interesting content over Pinterest and share them a lot. This sharing will help you to increase your reach as well as the audience gradually. Just try to follow specific boards related to your niche as following their entire account will make you automatically follow their each and every boards.

Creating and Adding Pins to your boards

After creating your boards and following relevant accounts, now it’s time for adding Pins to your Pinterest boards. You can create your own Pins or save Pins of others on your boards. You can easily save the pins in your account through your home feeds using the search feature. Just type the keywords in the search box and hit the search button, you will get to see a lot of relevant contents and ideas which you can save further. 

Save the Pins which are having beautiful and clear images, nice and readable text, and most importantly save the content in which you believe your audience would be interested. We recommend checking the link or the URL linked with the Pins to ensure it’s not misleading or spam or blocked anyway, as this would leave a negative impact on your visitors and Pinterest also do not like you sharing spam or blocked links, actually, Pinterest is very strict regarding spam as they can also penalize you for finding involved in any kind of spam.

Saving the Pins is easy, just click on the Pin you want to save, click the save button and select the board in which you want to save the Pin. For providing a variety of content to your visitors you can shuffle or mix your created Pins with others Pins, this also shows Pinterest that you are social and like to work together. Initially, it will take time to create and save nice and attractive Pins, so you can save other Pins but gradually you have to create your own content and ideas, and save your Pins to your board.

Using high quality and beautiful images is important in your Pins as all the content and ideas on Pinterest are images based. Pins plays a major role in advertising your content and getting clicks to your website. Pinterest can rank your content if they find your Pins getting more clicks and saves, as this shows Pinterest that you are sharing valuable and great content.

To create awesome images for your Pins, you can use different image editors online. Some of them are Pixlr, Fotor, Canva, Crello, befunky, etc. Out of them, Canva is the most popular and widely used image editor online, it is very easy to use and actually a web-based photo creation software. You can easily use it to make creative, beautiful and professional images, art, Pinterest Pin images, and many more things. To make your content more professional you should place your logo at the top or bottom of the image, you should use the same font everywhere on your Images, and avoid using people’s photos on the images.

You should analyze your Pins performance week over week, to check which of the Pins are performing well and getting a good reach, clicks, and saves. Doing so, you will gradually know about the optimizations and strategies that will definitely help your Pins to gain more and more reach and help your Pinterest account to grow. 

After setting up your account professionally, Now it’s time to promote your content.

Promote your Content on Pinterest

Promoting your Content and Ideas on Pinterest is also one of the most important techniques and strategies to increase traffic to your website or blog. Promoting your content can gain you a large audience and visitor in a short span of time. So, let’s cover some important points to promote your content on Pinterest.

Group Boards 

A group board is a board from someone else’s account that the board owner has allowed to access and share your own content on it. Saving your content to a group board allows you to expose your content to the followers on that person board, significantly increasing the reach of the content and Pins.

Joining Group Boards is a very useful way to promote your content on Pinterest, it’s a great tool for increasing the growth and reach of a new account as it essentially lets you share followers from other accounts. To join the Group boards you need to send a request and get approval by the owner of the board or the person whose account the boards belong to.

There are some popular tools that allow you to search the Group Boards from Pinterest, such as PinGroupie and PinSprout. You can easily search the keywords and sort the group boards on the basis of followers, repin, or any of the options given. Just follow some popular Group boards or the boards having more number of followers than yours.

You may need to contact the owner of the board you’ve followed to get instant approval, the best way to contact them is to find their emails in the description and send an email to them.

However, if you don’t find their email you can refer to their websites contact us section, most probably you will contact information there. If you are not able to contact them anyway, you can comment on a pin with a request to join their board.

You should already create some boards and save some pins on your profile from the content of your website as sometimes various board owners review your profile, it’s content and ideas to check the authenticity of your account and to check that your content and ideas are relevant to the topics and subtopics of their board or not. You should also check that the group board has good engagement, session and performance or not, as your profile and engagement can have a negative impact on joining spam or misleading Group boards.

Use Tailwind

Tailwind is a utility software that allows you to connect to your Pinterest account and provides services like scheduling Pins, Analyzing Pins engagement, session and performance, Tracking of new followers, a collaboration tool for further engagement, and specific board performance. It is the best tool that is used to promote and share content on Pinterest. Everyone, who wants to grow fast and get successful on Pinterest uses tailwind. It can be assumed as an expert choice in the world of Pinterest marketing.

Tailwind is one of the approved partners of Pinterest, so it is safe to use and implement. You should know that using third-party software or tools that are not approved partners of Pinterest can cause your business account to block or shut down. So you have to make sure that you should use only third party approved partners, software, or tools with your Pinterest business or personal account.

You can use Tailwind to schedule your content on Pinterest. It is an automated feature that will definitely save your time and bring consistency as well as more engagement and clicks on your pins. It will also help you to keep track of your content posting frequency. While adding Pins to your tailwind schedule, just select the board and future date on which you would like to pin it. Further, you can modify the board description and change the link attached to the Pins.

Definitely, you would like to track the performance of your Pins and that’s, the other feature of the tailwind, Various tools, and features of the tailwind allow you to track the overview and  performance of your Pins, your overall profile, and the content so that you can make the required changes. You can check the average session and engagement level and track your growth. You can use the Pin inspector option to sort your previously saved pins by date, repins, saves, etc. 

Tribes is a collaboration tool of tailwind and is one of the most popular and widely used tools to join the tribes of every other pinners in the same niche and share your content with them. You have to use this tool if you want to get your content seen by more people even if you don’t have a good following. It is the best tool for the growth of the new business account, each and every beginner on Pinterest should try it. You can use it’s 14 days free trial to check out its functionality and features. It’s a complete package for the overall development and growth of your business account.

SEO of your Pinterest account

As we said earlier, Pinterest is more like a search engine than a true social media platform. So, it becomes important to do a complete search engine optimization of your Pinterest profile.  SEO or search engine optimization works on Pinterest as it works on different search engines.

Finding the right keywords to implement them in the Pins description, title, board title, article title, and some other places is important as it plays a vital role in keywords optimization and content ranking. You can easily find the relevant keywords using the search box, just type a part of the keyword in your search bar and Pinterest interface will show you the other related keywords that are mostly searched by the users on the platform. From there you can easily get important and relevant keywords and use them further in your profile.

It is always better to use fewer, more relevant, and important keywords rather than using a bunch of them. Optimizing your Pins and their description is also very important as discussed earlier. You should also optimize your website and use a good search engine optimization on it. This will rank your article or post all over the internet. 

Apart from SEO, there are various Pinterest Marketing tools you can use to promote your content and ideas and manage them. Some of the top useful tools are Hootsuite, Tailwind, Canva, Piktochart, Mentionlytics, Social warfare, etc.

At last, if you have original, interesting content and ideas, you don’t need to put more emphasis on gaining followers and promoting as you have to understand that Pinterest is basically a search engine, and people use it to find and discover the new content and ideas to share with their friends, family, and their loved ones.

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