Ubby Tandklinik

Ubby Tandklinik is a dental clinic located in Ubby, Jerslev Sjælland in Denmark. The practice was originally founded by dentist Ander Egemar in 1980. Today, the personnel consists of current clinic owner and dental hygienist Dorthe Nielsen, dentist Morten Duedahl-Skov, and practice assistant Marlene Pedersen. Together, the team provides excellent dental care, focusing on high-quality work and excellent customer service.

With a fresh start under Dorthe Nielsen, Ubby Tandklinik needed a new and modern digital approach to reflect its professional approach to dentistry.

Business challenge

How to extend the clinic’s excellent reputation into the digital world

How to integrate the clinic’s website with its social media presence.

Since the clinic works hard to support local artists, it sought a way to present the same artwork found in the clinic on the practice’s website


I worked to deliver Ubby Tandklinik with a digital marketing plan to increase its visitors locally. Ubby Tandklinik’s ads were given modern feel with large, high-quality photos. It is built with a streamlined and minimalistic design using Ubby Tandklinik’s branding character and colors.

Through digital marketing and web design, Ubby Tandklinik increased its digital presence online as well as increasing its reputation by implementing a gallery on Ubby’s website to feature the clinic’s artwork

The new digital presence and website made it easier for visitors to Ubby Tandklinik’s website to connect with Ubby’s social media pages, engage and convert.

The project was developed and delivered in working agreement with Hubspider, an agency situated in the south of Spain.