20 Best Education Systems In The World

best education system in the world

Countries with the best education systems are usually countries with the highest living standards and rights. Education is one of those things that is considered very important throughout the world, but it still remains that not every country does it the same and indeed some countries are better at it than others. 

12 cleanest cities in the world

In this years 2015/2016 ranking of the top cleanest cities in the world we find some great surprises. Finland jumped from being 3rd cleanest city in the world to 12th, Reykjavík lost it ranking place to Vienna, Luxembourg jumped into the 5th place and removed Ottawa from the list, Kobe and Wellington keep improving their place. Ifrane in morocco invest heavily on its cleanness this last couple of years and keep strongly it 2nd place, and Calgary closes the list being the top cleanest city in the world again this year.

Las diez personas mas importantes de la Historia

personajes famosos en la historia

La historia no solo son las circunstancias que moldean el devenir de la humanidad sino que, por el contrario, la historia a veces es moldeada por ciertos sujetos que ya sean por la fuerza de las armas como de su pensamiento han conseguido cambiar las circunstancias en las que les tocó vivir y su eco, aún hoy, está vivo sin ellos no estaríamos, para bien o para mal, donde estamos.