30 Best money-making apps in 2022

30 Best money-making apps in 2022

Money can be a struggle, but it doesn’t have to be. In the modern world, you have access to all the resources you could possibly need to make money straight from your smartphone. Maybe that could be by offering a useful service to other people from the comfort of your home, or simply by selling items you do not need anymore. 

Regardless of the approach you take, there are always countless ways to make money for yourself. But as all great things, this too comes with a little difficulty. Since there are too many apps on the internet to ever determine which ones are authentic and which are a scam, I am here to clarify all your confusion for you. 

List of the 30 best money-making apps

This list is carefully divided into different sections. That is because since different people have different interests, you can still find the best money-making app for yourself. 

Coupons and Rewards

Starting out with the easiest way to make money, here are a few apps that you can use to save money, get cashback returns, coupons, and more. 

1. Rakuten

You may know this app by its former name, eBates. Even though the name has changed, thankfully the rest is the same. Rakuten helps you find rewards and promo codes for the purchases that you are about to make. If you are one for saving money, you would know that even saving one dollar per purchase can eventually add up to a significant amount – and that’s exactly why Rakuten is my top app. 

2. Ibotta

If you are looking for more ways to save money without cutting down on purchases, I recommend using Ibotta. This app initially began by giving you cashback rewards on your regular grocery shopping, but they have now expanded its operations to a wide range of stores. Just by installing the app and getting your welcome bonus, you can get up to $20 cashback with this app. 

3. Be Frugal

Frugal living is a great way to save money, right? The Be Frugal application helps you with just that. The app has partnered with over a thousand stores to provide up to 40% cash back on the purchases that you make. If you thought living frugally was becoming difficult, Be Frugal is here to solve all of your worries.

4. Amazon

If you love shopping, Amazon can make things much easier for you. In 2020, Amazon had an average of 200 million unique visitors per month – probably because of all of those coupons and deals that they offer. If you ever need to make a big purchase, remember to check Amazon for better deals. Plus, Amazon will deliver your items directly to your doorstep – helping you save all that gas money. 

5. MyPoints

MyPoints has been operational for 25 years now, and it is certainly reliable enough to keep using. You can easily collect points via the application by asking questions, filling out surveys, shopping through their links, getting movie tickets, etc. Once you have collected a certain amount of points, they can be redeemed for discounts, prizes, or even cash. 

6. Drop

Does saving money mean that you would have to alter your shopping habits? Not with this app. Drop provides you with the convenience of shopping at your favorite stores and getting reward points in return. As you accumulate points, you can start redeeming them for various gift cards at your local stores.

Reselling Old Items

Do you have items lying around your house that you no longer use? You can easily turn them into a source of income for yourself. 

7. Fashionphile

If you have a closet full of designer bags, you can make money in no time by using Fashionphile. This app is targeted toward those high-end customers who purchase designer items and later want to resell them. Fashionphile can help you sell any luxury handbags, jewelry, leather goods, and even shoes that have not been worn. 

8. Rebag

Here is another app that can help you sell handbags that are in good condition. While users report that Rebag has many strict rules for sellers to follow, there is no need to worry. If you have a designer handbag that you want to sell, simply download Rebag and make money by selling it to somebody else.

9. Mercari

Apart from designer bags and luxurious items, there may be other items in your house that you no longer use. Mercari is a popular option for selling household items of any type. Simply post an ad, connect with local buyers, and start making money from home. 

10. Bookscounter

Do you have a habit of collecting books? Well, you can now put all those old books into use by making money off of them. If you need to make space for new books in the bookcase, I recommend selling your old books via Bookscounter and making money instantly. 

11. Decluttr

Before the world of technology came along, people used to collect a range of different CDs, DVDs, and games. If you no longer need these items, you can use Decluttr to sell them to people who collect such antiques. The best part about this app is how simple it is to use. 

12. Letgo

Here is another useful app that you can use to get rid of all the unnecessary items in your house and make money quickly. The app allows you to connect with buyers easily, and users suggest that they make sales very often. 

13. OfferUp

If you do not like making sales to other people in person, OfferUp is a great app to use that helps you sell used items from your home. The diversity of this app is truly remarkable, as you can list items ranging from clothing and kitchen appliances to vehicles and automobiles. A little trick to make quick sales through OfferUp is to pay a small price for promotion on the app. 

14. Online Jobs

If you want to make money by spending your time in a more productive way, I recommend looking at some of the easiest online jobs in the market. The best part about all the apps in this category is that they do not require a specific skill to learn. Simply use your smartphone, download an app, and start making money right away. 

15. Google Opinion Rewards

You must have heard of people making money via surveys on the internet, but you also may have come across multiple scam websites that never pay. The most reliable way to get paid for taking surveys is through Google Opinion Rewards. If you are worried that these surveys may be too complicated or time-consuming, then I assure you that they are not. Most of them can be completed while you are on an Uber or even getting a cup of coffee. 

A small trick to earning even more money with Google Opinion Rewards is by allowing them access to your TV and internet usage. Since Google is a well-esteemed organization, there will be no breach of privacy. All they do is check for the sites that you visit most frequently and use that information to develop more authentic search engine optimization techniques. 

16. iPoll

If you are looking for more apps that help you make money by taking short surveys, I recommend trying iPoll. You will be required to give your personal opinion on products or services that you have used yourself. While you may not be able to make cash with this app, you can easily earn gift cards for Apple Store, PayPal, and even Amazon – where you can utilize the money for low-budget spending. 

17. Swagbucks

If you have some time on your hands, I recommend utilizing it to make money through the Swagbucks app. By taking each survey, you earn a small amount of money that is added to your account. While each individual survey only pays a minimal amount, I can assure you that you can complete a few of them throughout the day and eventually make a significant amount of money. The best part is that you can actually receive cash through Swagbucks via PayPal. 

18. Survey Junkie

This is another popular option for earning money whilst you are on the go. Surveys on Survey Junkie are relatively longer and will take several minutes to complete, but they also allow you to earn up to $50 per survey. You can quickly earn a significant amount through this app and have all of your funds transferred directly to your PayPal account. 

19. InboxDollars

Apart from just filling out surveys for various companies, InboxDollars gives you the opportunity to make money by completing several online tasks. This includes reading paid emails, playing online games, or even watching some video ads. I assure you that making money with InboxDollars is as easy as it can get – plus, it gives you a great way to spend any free time. 

20. Slidejoy

If you enjoy watching ads for different companies, then Slidejoy is the app for you. By downloading the app, you can have ads displayed on your lock screen which helps you earn money each time you look at your phone. Once the earnings add up, you can have them deposited into your PayPal account. The only downside is that Slidejoy is only available in the Play Store which is restricted to Android users. 

21. Mobee

Have you ever wondered if you could make money while you shop? Mobee makes that possible for you. This is a shopping app that helps you earn money by answering questions about your most beloved stores.

Money Management

The only way to truly make money is by managing it effectively. There are so many ways that you may be unknowingly wasting your money, and all the apps in this section focus on relieving that stress.

21. Truebill

This app provides a service that all of us have always needed. Instead of allowing all of your subscriptions to take that money away from your bank, Truebill will help you lower your bills by eliminating all subscription services that you do not use regularly.

22. Paribus

If you have ever felt the annoyance of seeing a price drop just after you purchased an item, Paribus is the perfect app for you. These stores could legally owe you money that you did not even know about. Simply track all of your purchases through this app, and let the automated software continuously monitor any subsequent price drops. The best part is that it is all automatic – it is almost as if you are making money without any effort. 

23. Capital One Shopping

For regular shoppers, this app is a lifesaver. If you want to find better deals on the items that you want to purchase, leave it to Capital One Shopping to make all the inter-website comparisons on your behalf. Not only are you making money, but also saving time. The app also rewards you while you shop through their extensive reward points system. 

24. Acorns

Have you ever considered saving all that spare change you receive after shopping? Acorns help you with that – whether you are spending virtually or with cash. Every time you spend money via your bank account, Acorn rounds it off to the next dollar and invests the few cents into different stocks and bonds. This money-making app goes beyond helping you save money – it gives you an entire portfolio of investments that you can keep earning from with minimal effort. 

Offering a Service

If you want to make money in a more productive way, there are always certain services that you can offer. Here are the most widely used apps for providing a service via your smartphone. 

25. Airbnb

If you have an extra bedroom in your house, it is time to make money from it through Airbnb. This app allows you to host guest travelers for short periods of time – helping you make money from the asset that you never even knew you had. 

26. Sweatcoin

If you enjoy being on your foot, then you need to download Sweatcoin immediately. The more you walk, the more points you earn that you can later spend on items such as clothing, audiobooks, and much more. While this app does not exactly help you make money in real terms, it certainly reduces your spending on athletic wear as you can get it for almost free through this app.

27. TaskRabbit

If you enjoy doing simple tasks for money but want to avoid the hustle of finding odd jobs, then you can rely on TaskRabbit. Just sign up with the app and find chores in your locality that you can earn from. Many of these tasks may even be online – allowing you to make money from the comfort of your home. 

28. Foap

If you are a photographer or videographer, then Foap is a platform that allows you to make money from your own creations. You can upload your content on the app where it is available to personal users or brands who could pick up your photos or videos for themselves. The price range for your photography or videography can range from $5 to $100, depending upon the quality and popularity of your work. 

29. Lyft

Many people own a car but only use it to make their own commute. By sharing your car rides with other people through Lyft, you can easily start making money throughout the day. 

30. Uber

Similar to Lyft, Uber is another cab-riding service that allows personal users to sign up and provide a service to other people who need a ride. Uber is available across many cities, making it an easy way to earn money regardless of where you are. 

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