10 Entrepreneurs share best business advice & success secrets

10 Entrepreneurs share best business advice & success secrets

What better way to start a business than having the top entrepreneurs sharing their best business advice and success stories. During your entrepreneurship journey, there will be many highs.

You will be amazed during those moments, but no one ever warns you about how bad the lows are. Every journey consists of both the highs and the lows. As an entrepreneur, you need to know how to react and get through both situations. 

Today, there are many successful entrepreneurs in the world where you have been lucky that their journeys are documented. Their words are recorded. Most importantly, for no one else but you.

Some of these business lessons by top entrepreneurs can help you achieve what you want to achieve.

Here are some of the best business advice and tips from 10 top entrepreneurs.

1. Derek Sivers

Being a TED speaker among many other things he has been successful at, Sivers was the founder of two companies. For example, Host Baby and CDBaby were the 2 companies he grew into big ventures and later gave them up. The advice Sivers gives is simple,

“Start Now”. 

Derek Sivers

So many people start planning their projects, but they never get to launch their entrepreneurship journey. This is because of the excessive planning. This simple advice will motivate you to simply start and go where the wind blows. 

2. Nir Eyal

A successful blogger, Nir Eyal advises entrepreneurs the following:

“Good ideas are cheap. Success comes from hard work, not a stroke of genius”.

Nir Eyal

You should take this to heart. Many people in this world will have ideas. But if you choose to work hard then you’ll grow beyond your potential. Being lucky at having an idea won’t cut it. 

3. Sophia Amoruso

Sophia Amoruso is inspiring to many. She started small like a lot of young entrepreneurs and sold on eBay. Later on, her hard work got her to launch her own clothing business that she can be proud of. Her advice?

“Don’t give up; don’t take anything personally; and don’t take no for an answer“.

Sophia Amoruso

Whichever mantra you believe in, persistence really is key. According to Amoruso, you need to be persistent. All the people who denied her or rejected her were the ones who accepted her at the end. 

4. Robert Herjavec

Herjavec is an experienced entrepreneur and has helped the trade of many companies in the market. You can expect him to know what he’s talking about whenever he’s saying something. As a business tip he said,

“You have 90 seconds to make an impact in your pitch. Show expertise and confidence”.

Robert Herjavec

According to him, the most important element is your business pitch to any potential stakeholder. So be sure to make it stand out. Deliver it in a way that shows you are confident in your idea. 

5. Vanessa Van Edwards

Vanessa Van Edwards is a woman who creates ripples in the field she works in. Her work has been critically acclaimed by many and has helped her become the renowned person, she is now.

Edwards has observed a pattern of behavior among many entrepreneurs. Additionally, she gave the following entrepreneurship advice,

“Don’t plan everything. Listen to your customers and make changes as needed”.

Vanessa Van Edwards

She emphasizes the importance of molding yourself according to changes. If you plan everything as you want it, your business will eventually be only for you. 

6. Syed Balkhi

Adding on to Edwards’s advice, Balkhi is a seasoned online entrepreneur. He has created many great ventures in the digital space giving him a variety of experience. With his experience, Balkhi chose to enlighten some of you and said the following words,

“Test, learn, and improve”.

Syed Balkhi

Many people forget these basics. They assume that once this cycle of learning is complete, everything will go well. However, this cycle is repetitive. It is one of the most important business lessons to exist.

7. Srinivas Rao

Srinivas Rao is the host of a renowned podcast and gets to listen to other people to spread their wisdom. This is all done through a conversation with him. Well, today you are blessed as he has imparted his own wisdom related to the entrepreneurship journey. He said,

“Work with people on projects before handing over equity or large sums of money”.

Srinivas Rao

Everyone should learn this. You might want to hold back on giving other people ownership in your venture. Find out if they agree with your business philosophy first. It is an investment in the future. 

8. Michelle Schroeder

Next on the list is Michelle Schroeder. She is a successful entrepreneur who also happens to run a finance blog. She has given valuable business advice and tips for success to many readers. One of them is critical to your entrepreneurship career. She stressed on,

“Network and build relationships”.

Michelle Schroeder

According to her, young entrepreneurs need to tone down the competitive attitude and focus on networking. Access to information and a good business relationship can go a long way. 

9. Laurence Bradford

Furthermore, Laurence Bradford has immensely contributed to the digital world. She founded “Learn to Code with me” and has helped many people learn essential skills from her work. This cannot be underplayed in the entrepreneurship industry. Her advice is only this,

“Put yourself out there and show others what you’re working on”.

Laurence Bradford

It’s pretty wholesome advice. When you display your progress and work, you will get constructive criticism on how to make your work better. Apart from that, the encouragement you receive will motivate you to take the next step with your entrepreneurship venture. 

10. Tony Stubblebine

Last but not least on the list, Tony Stubblebine. Stubblebine is the founder of a mobile app that focuses on fitness and related goals. It helps turn people’s dreams into reality. Therefore, to do this he gave the following tip.

“Focus on the next step and don’t try to make your 5-year vision happen tomorrow”.

Tony Stubblebine

This is one of the most important tips you need to consider while launching a start-up. The entire process takes patience. If you start worrying about long-term goals in the short-term, it will only steal your mental peace. Therefore, be sure to remain steadfast in your journey. 

These were the top entrepreneurs giving you their best business advice and tips for success to run your entrepreneurship venture. So, hope these help you solve your business-related problems. And good luck!

Dani Thifa
Dani Thifa

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