20 best dropshipping suppliers of 2022

20 best dropshipping suppliers of 2022

With the best dropshipping suppliers you will be able to use great dropshipping services that have become a very profitable source of income for online sellers.

This new form of business integrates technology with a marketplace that helps small businesses receive supplies at low costs and sell them at competitive prices. 

Reports suggest that dropshipping businesses are able to generate up to 50% more profits than sellers who maintain inventory and ship products themselves. 

But before you start a dropshipping business, you need an eCommerce platform as well as the best dropshipping suppliers.

What are the best dropshipping suppliers?

Here is my list of the top 20 dropshipping suppliers of 2021 across the world, all tested and reviewed to only provide you with the very best options for your business. 

1. AliDropship


Link: AliDropship

AliDropship is great for online entrepreneurs who are just starting off and want to receive their supplies at affordable rates for a one-time payment. With AliDropship, you can import products from AliExpress onto your eCommerce website. You can also import AliExpress product reviews to increase the reliability of your online store.


  • Complete ownership of your ecommerce business remains with you
  • Only requires a payment once


  • Difficult for beginners to navigate around their complicated interface
  • Involves many technicalities such as importing from AliExpress on to your own website


The AliDropship Plugin only has a one-time payment of $89 and you can continue using it for as long as you wish to continue your eCommerce store.

2. Oberlo


Link: Oberlo

This dropshipping marketplace allows ‘ePacket Deliver’ or access for you to only sell those products that can be delivered instantly. Oberlo also allows users to customize products as per your own preference, including adding images, descriptions, or even your own titles to the products. 


  • Order tracking feature allows you to track the shipment easily
  • Allows you to switch between suppliers to get the lowest possible price


  • Only works with Shopify


The basic plan on Oberlo is offered for $29.90 per month and the Pro plan is for $79.90 per month. If you want to test the features before investing, then the Starter pack is free of cost and provides all the basic features.

3. Inventory Source


Link: Inventory Source

This tool helps you locate the right products and suppliers for your business, and then sync their inventory to your website. It is compatible with Amazon, BigCommerce, eBay, Shopify, Walmart, and more.


  • Send orders to suppliers in an automated manner
  • Syncs the inventory on your website with that of the supplier
  • Allows simple integration with a wide variety of platforms. 


  • May not be affordable for new startups


Inventory Automation offers a free plan, but the paid version begins at $99 per month.

4. Spocket


Link: Spocket

This dropshipping supplier offers fast delivery across the USA and EU since most suppliers are based in this region. Customer support is also readily available through live chat features to attend to all your queries. 


  • Allows you to remain independent of the supplier since you only make payments to suppliers once you make a sale to a customer
  • Offers great deals and discounts


  • Is a new dropshipping supplier meaning not many people have tested it


Spocket’s paid plans begin from $29, but they also offer a free trial upon providing your credit card details and a minimal trial fee. 

5. Worldwide Brands


Link: Worldwide Brands

This dropshipping supplier offers ease of usage to all business owners. There are mobile apps available of Worldwide Brand that allow you to look for products from your phone’s comfort. There is also no minimum order limit attached to any product that you order from here.


  • Offers high levels of security on the platform to avoid fraud
  • Has a simple one-time payment plan


  • Does not allow you to compare between different suppliers who may be offering the same products at different prices
  • It May be difficult for beginners to work with


The one-time payment is of $299 and can be paid to the platform in three separate installments.

6. SaleHoo


Link: SaleHoo

SaleHoo is a marketplace consisting of over 1,000 suppliers and instant access to 2 million products. The best part about working at SaleHoo is that all suppliers are verified in order to avoid any counterfeit products being sold.


  • Has business operations worldwide and allows international shipping
  • Easy communication network with the suppliers 
  • Most suppliers do not require any initial investments


  • Inventory may run out fast since suppliers provide their inventory to multiple ecommerce stores at once


A yearly plan costs $67, but you can gain lifetime access to the platform for only $127 with no renewal fee.

7. Doba


Link: Doba

Doba allows you to manage data efficiently, such as exporting the information about your products in the format that you like. In case you don’t understand how the platform works, there are many educational resources readily available. 


  • Automatic low inventory notifications provided in case a product is going out of stock
  • Can be integrated with a range of eCommerce sites to which you can export data


  • Customizing your inventory is difficult due to the user interface


The Basic plan costs $29, the Advanced costs $69, and the Pro plan costs $249. Each plan has its own set of features that help you get better accessibility to suppliers.

8. Printful


Link: Printful

With Printful, you do not need to worry about having an inventory of your own. Simply integrate your eCommerce platform with Printful, place orders with suppliers, and have them delivered to your customer’s doorstep. 


  • There is no minimum order requirement
  • You can add your customized branding to the products


  • Does not have a wide range of suppliers since the platform is free to the business owner
  • Does not provide security


The only price you will pay is to the supplier who will ship your product, after the customer has received it.

9. Sunrise Wholesale


Link: Sunrise Wholesale

This dropshipping tool helps you connect with multiple suppliers simultaneously and tracks your monthly sales with its wide range of metrics. The data is presented to the customers on a monthly basis in order to keep track of their inventory, prices, products, and sales.


  • Offers eBay wizard tools to easily integrate with eBay marketplace
  • Amazon Manager helps you automatically update the product listings.
  • Offers a wide range of templates to customize and brand your own website


  • The website can be a little slow at times due to all the different features


You can either choose to pay $49 monthly for subscription, or $199 per year.

10. Wholesale Central

Wholesale central

Link: Wholesale Central

The best part about wholesale central is that it is free of cost, making it a reliable source of supplies for entrepreneurs. You can easily source products from top-rated suppliers and communicate with them on the platform itself. 


  • Clear listing and categorization of products 
  • Has a Deals & Steals section to offer discounts regularly
  • Can locate specific products using the product locator tool


  • Does not have a wide variety of suppliers and sellers available 


Wholesale Central is free of cost.

11. Megagoods


Link: Megagoods

If you are based in the US, then Megagoods is great for you since they offer express shipping of products through FedEx and USPS. If you ever have a query, customer service representatives are always available via phone calls and emails. 


  • Freedom to list your products on multiple websites simultaneously, such as eBay, Amazon, Shopify etc. 
  • Has a quick turnaround time


  • Refurbished items are also sold at this marketplace, meaning it is easy to get confused between original products or used ones.


After the 30-day free trial, Megagoods subscription costs $15 per month.

12. Wholesale 2B


Link: Wholesale 2B

This dropshipping tool takes all your inventory worries away with its impressive automation features. It also allows you to track your orders in real-time and can easily be integrated with eCommerce platforms such as Shopify or Magento. 


  • Many different membership plans available according to the size of your business
  • Built-in integration options 
  • Offers website development if you have an independent brand site.


  • Highly competitive since a large number of businesses get their supplies here 
  • Inventories may be out of stock very quickly


Wholesale 2B is offered at a monthly subscription fee of $37.99.

13. Modalyst


Link: Modalyst

In case you want a dropshipping business that deals in luxury brands, Modalyst is the perfect supplier. They offer delivery services worldwide and express shipping in the US. You can easily link it with BigCommerce, Shopify, or even your Wix site. 


  • It is the only platform who works in collaboration with Wix
  • Sellers can make sales with their own labels
  • Offers easy tracking of products for the customers


  • Products are not stored with the sellers but at warehouses where they could potentially be damaged


The free version allows access to only the basic features and the paid versions begin at a price of $35 per month. 

14. Dropified


Link: Dropified

It is the only platform that offers express shipping worldwide, with a few days delivery time instead of few weeks. With Dropified, you can easily search for the products that you need at affordable rates since it offers big margins. 


  • Allows integration with AliExpress, eBay, and other ecommerce stores
  • You can also import product reviews from AliExpress along with titles and descriptions


  • It has a lesser number of sellers as compared to other dropshipping platforms


The most basic paid plan starts at $47 per month and the premium subscription costs $167. 

15. Dropship News

Dropship news

Link: Dropship News

With Dropship News, you do not need to worry about registration or learning how to become successful in a dropshipping business. The platform can be accessed by anyone and there are many resources available to guide you through the process. 


  • Has many credible US-based suppliers
  • Offers many tutorials such as a Shopify tutorial to set up your online business
  • Very affordable for new businesses 


  • Does not offer express shipping so products could take months before they are delivered


Dropship News is free of cost. 

16. AliExpress


Link: AliExpress

This popular marketplace offers a 60-day warranty of your product being delivered to you, as well as free shipping to anywhere in the world. 


  • Payments are only released to suppliers once you have received your product
  • Highly responsive customer service representatives
  • Allows you to track the exact location of your order once it is shipped


  • It usually takes months for products from AliExpress to reach the customer


There’s no upfront cost or fee. Technically speaking, you can start dropshipping with AliExpress for $0.00. With the right combination of free trials and starter plans

17. National Dropshippers

National Dropshippers

Link: National Dropshippers

By offering a majority of US-based products, National Dropshippers believe in supplying only high-quality products that are sourced by American businesses. The best part is that in case a product runs out of stock after you have ordered it, your funds will be returned immediately. 


  • Excellent option for ecommerce businesses based in America
  • Offers express shipping across the US


  • Not very suitable for businesses based out of America since a majority of suppliers are only based in America


You can either pay for a monthly subscription at $19.99 per month or purchase a lifetime subscription for $199. 

18. Dropshipper.com


Link: Dropshipper.com

By integrating email marketing with dropshipping, this platform allows you access to customers around the world. It can also be integrated with your Facebook page where it will automatically update product listings and also help you run effective social media advertisements. 


  • Offers many SEO tools to help your website gain more visitors
  • Allows you to import products from other platforms too, such as AliExpress 
  • Enables you to provide customized products with your own label


  • Range of available products is limited due to a low number of suppliers.


The premium subscription starts at $79 per month. 

19. Suppliersdata


Link: Suppliersdata

This website tracks down all the hidden and less-popular US based suppliers and gives you easy access to their products. 


  • The website allows you to save suppliers’ information to contact in the future
  • Gives you access to a unique range of products


  • Limited stocks of products since the sellers are not big wholesalers


The yearly subscription costs $29.95 per year. 

20. Officecrave.com


Link: Officecrave.com

This dropshipping marketplace has a wide range of office supplies and business products available for you to purchase ay affordable, wholesale prices. 


  • This is a single seller, making your supply chain more reliable
  • Offers blind dropshipping services


  • Products are only limited to office supplies or electronics 


This platform does not provide fixed rates for subscriptions and requires you to reach out to them for a quote according to the size of your eCommerce store. 

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