5 free best grammar checkers online 2022 – Ultimate Guide

5 free best grammar checkers online 2022 – Ultimate Guide

Looking for the best grammar checkers online? When writing anything from a simple blog post to content for websites and social media; it is important to ensure that your grammar is 100% accurate.

This can give off a bad impression of your writing skills if there are minor grammar errors in your work. It may be a simple mistake and you might actually write really well but, this error could make people think otherwise.

It’s always best to proofread and check your work for grammar errors before publishing it. This is the correct way to follow.

Yet, sometimes, checking for grammar and proofreading yourself can be a tedious task. Apart from that, you may also end up skipping through errors or not notice them.

This is because you’re used to the written work you produced. A pair of fresh eyes would better be able to judge your work for grammar issues. It is not always easy asking someone to check your work.

Especially if you are producing content on a great scale or have a very quick and approaching deadline, this may be the case. What should one do in such a situation?

The best thing to do is to use a grammar checking software. However, not all platforms online are great grammar detectors. So, how can someone find the best grammar checking software?

Here’s a complete guide to the best grammar checkers online for your ease:


Link: Grammarly – Free Online Writing Assistant (Free)

The most popular grammar checker out there is none other than Grammarly which is the best grammar checking website, too! Not only does this platform enable you to check your grammar. It also checks; punctuation, sentence formations, spelling errors, and even provide you with better choices of words.

Whether you are a student, blogger, or even a writing professional – Grammarly is the best tool you can use. Grammarly can help improve the style and tone of your writing, instantly. Grammarly is not only compatible with Microsoft Word documents rather even Google docs, Gmail, and WordPress.

One of the most important features of this application includes the fact that it has a tone detector. This can analyze how your word choice is. It can further detect the correct words, phrasing, and punctuation/capitalization which needs to be used in the tone.

You can add a Grammarly extension to your Google Chrome, Firefox, and Edge browsers for further ease of use. The online tool is very quick, and you will get your work checked within seconds. Suggestions for corrections will be highlighted instantly.

Also, proper explanations provided as to how a certain error can be corrected. The premium version of Grammarly also allows for the checking of plagiarism. It is very accurate and reliable in its results.


Link: Ginger Software – Free Grammar Checker Online (Free)

This grammar checking software is different from others. This is because it not only is able to check English grammar but can also correct writing created in up to 40 different languages.

With the help of Ginger, all spelling errors, textual mistakes, wrong sentence structures, punctuation, and writing styles can be fixed. One drawback is that only 350 characters can be checked at a time through the free version.

This application also has a plug-in for chrome which further creates ease whenever you have grammar checking needs. You simply need to copy and paste your content. The tool will then check for errors of grammar or punctuation, thoroughly.

Another plus is that this tool has a mobile application. You can easily install and can use it through the ease of your phone on the go.

Hemingway Editor

Link: Hemingway Editor (Free)

This is a good tool for writers who are looking to improve their skills in a more refined manner. The Hemingway editor not only aims to correct grammar but allows you to fix your formation of sentences completely.

It does this by highlighting those sentences which it feels are difficult to understand or read. It then tries to change the complexity of these. In this way, they may be understood by a wider audience.

You can then create more user-friendly content. This would attract more readers to reading the content you produce.

After the Deadline 

Link: After the Deadline – Spell, Style, and Grammar Checker (Free)

This is a free grammar checking tool available online. It allows you to check for grammatical errors, errors of sentence formation, contextual issues, and spelling mistakes in a very efficient manner. If you wish to embed the application into various areas, this can be done by developers.

It would allow your entire website to be checked for the quality of content and text it has on it. This is a great plus point. This would be done almost instantly and would save you a lot of time.


Link: WhiteSmoke – English Grammar Checker Software (Free)

Lastly, this grammar tool is a very efficient one. It can easily be integrated with both Mac and Windows tools, which allows for further ease. There are also video tutorials that explain certain errors that can be made in writing. This helps you better understand why a correction arose in the first place.

Not only will a grammar tool assist you in correcting the mistakes in spelling, but it will also ensure that the grammar is perfect. Apart from this, the formation of sentences and their correctness will be checked. You can also check for plagiarism on various grammar tools. This allows for further helping you ensure that your produced content is a hundred percent genuine and your own.

It’s important for you to remember that all these mistakes are subconsciously occurring. It does not in any way suggest that you do not possess good English skills.

Nor does it indicate that you don’t have command over the language. Everyone makes mistakes and its best to fix them if you want your content to be perfect! Use the above-listed grammar tools available online to help you out in this area.

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