15 best webinar software of 2022 (Tools Ranked & Reviewed)

15 best webinar software of 2022 (Tools Ranked & Reviewed)

Webinars are popular nowadays but with so many Webinar alternatives online finding the best webinar software can be a daunting task. Many people believe that the idea of webinars is somewhat new. However, that is not the case. The first-ever webinar service was launched in the year 1999.

With time, webinar technology has evolved and become more advanced. These days almost all businesses use webinars to communicate new offers to their customers or provide training to their employees.

Webinars are great for your business. They are more than just a communication tool. Your business can get a lot of benefits from webinars. Not only can webinars help you generate amazing sales leads, but they are also very cost-effective.

If you are looking to enhance your brand value, then you need to schedule regular webinars on your website, blog, or your social media profiles. Webinars can help you reach billions (yes, billions) of people throughout the globe.

Best webinar software of 2022


This is a frequently updated list. So if you consider that any other webinar tool that I have not included in this list (and it should be) should be mentioned, do not hesitate to leave it in a comment or send me a message and I will take it into account for the next update.

Now that you know everything you need to know about webinars, I have created a list of the top 15 best webinar software going through the most important features, prices, pros, and cons about each one of them.

1. WebinarNinja


Visit website: WebinarNinja

WebinarNinja is one of the newest webinar software in the market. the platform is reliable, with a fresh, modern, and attractive design.

WebinarNinja has a particular focus on marketing and business management, so its integration with tools such as AppSumo and Facebook Ads is easy and straightforward making the software a great addon to any digital marketing strategy.

WebinarNinja’s interface stands out for being easy and fast in producing your webinars, in a few minutes, you will already have your pre-designed landing page, personalized e-mail reminders, and access to the webinar ready for use.

Key Features

  • Offers four different types of webinars, such as live, automated, series, and hybrid.
  • Fast live sharing feature along with instant screen sharing option too.


WebinarNinja offers you a 14-day free trial period.

  • The Starter Pack is available at $39/month. 
  • The Pro Plan is available at $79/month. 
  • Lastly, they have the Plus Plan, which is available at $129/month, and the Power Plan, which is available at $199/month. 


  1. It manages to support all the needs of the client. WebinarNinja helps in making video playing and sharing folders easy.
  2. The functionality of this software is user-friendly. This means it is easy to understand and use. 


  1. It has a slight glitching problem that needs to be fixed. 

2. GoToWebinar (GoToMeeting)


Visit website: GoToWebinar

Without a doubt, GoToWebinar is one of the most popular webinars available for both businesses and experts today. GoToWebinar’s motto is “failsafe webinars.”

The software offers an interactive and personal experience: the presenter can speak privately with a participant, add PowerPoint presentations, ask questions in real-time, among many other features. You can send messages and invitations to up to 3,000 attendees.

Key Features

  • It integrates well with GoToMeeting.
  • It allows you to make polls within the Webinar to grab the attention of the audience.


  • The Starter Pack is available at $89/month.
  • The Pro Pack is available at $199/month.
  • The Plus Pack is available at $429/month.


  1. The registration on GoToWebinar is simple and easy to do.
  2. You can easily record the online Webinar along with easily screen share with your users.


  1. The starter pack only allows 100 users to attend the Webinar, which is quite less.
  2. The overall pricing of this tool is a lot costlier than the other tools.

3. LiveWebinar


Visit website: LiveWebinar

LiveWebinar is an advanced platform for webinars fully tailored to businesses. LiveWebinar is a cloud-based platform providing easy browser access where you can join and run your webinars without the need to install or download any software.

LiveWebinar provides a range of customizations and features, and you can integrate the platform with your website.

Besides web-based meetings and webinars, the platform provides many other features such as online learning, HR. HH., Sales and marketing, customer support, electronic banking, schools, health centers, IT.

Key Features

  • It has a whiteboard feature which allows you to draw on it. It offers you and other participants a chance to show your skills.
  • You can easily introduce tests and polls so you can know what the users think about your meeting. 


  • The first month is free and includes only 5 participants to join in. 
  • The Pro Pack is available at $11.99 and offers the inclusion of 100 participants.
  • The Business Pack is available at $95.20 and offers the inclusion of over 500 attendees. 
  • The Custom Pack is exactly as the name suggests; it offers custom pricing for just under 1000 attendees. 


  1. You can easily share videos, files, and content with your participants.
  2. It offers you complete control over how you wish to edit and change the event that is taking place.


  1. It’s not easy to use for beginners because it takes time and patience to learn. 

4. EverWebinar


Visit website: EverWebinar

Some of the main features that Ever Webinar offers are its bonuses, the option to return your money after 30 days if you are not satisfied with the platform, training to learn how to use the webinar platform, blocking holidays or specific days where you do not want your promotion showing up, schedule seminars on a monthly, weekly or even daily basis, easy to edit layouts to make your seminar look the way you really want…

Key Features

  • Its most notable feature is that it allows the host to fake the number of audiences they have in a single meeting.
  • If you are registering just on time, you can join one Webinar at the same time.


  • You can get a 60-day trial of the tool at just $1, so you can learn about the software.
  • It is available at $41/month, which you can pay annually with multiple features available.


  1. EverWebinar is extremely simple to set up and use.
  2. Easily integrates with other tools.


  1. The templates offered in the tool are pretty simple and don’t offer a lot of designs. 
  2. If opened on a mobile phone, it can cause issues in streaming and recording.

5. MyOwnConference

My Own Conference

Visit website: MyOwnConference

A robust cloud-based in-browser webinar software for any type of podcast, meeting, or video conference. The platform promise to host up to 10,000 attendees in confidence with a market-leading uptime of 99.98%.

You can access MyOwnConference from any device or browser in 16 different languages. You will also have access to features such as Q&A, live chat, screen sharing, cloud recording, quizzes, whiteboard, and much more. MyOwnConference offers a free account with up to 20 attendees and lifelong use.

Key Features

  • You can easily schedule multiple webinars for small groups. 
  • You can start online tests for your participants to check their knowledge. 


  • The first time is a free pack which offers 20 attendees to use the features.
  • The next payment plan is based on the number of participants so, $30 for 60 users, $51 for 150 users, and $250 for 1000 users. 


  1. The set-up is simple.
  2. You can upload and play YouTube videos easily.
  3. Its price is low and offers easy PowerPoint use. 


  1. My Own Conference has a little difficulty with the webcam.
  2. There is no PayPal option for payment.

6. EasyWebinar


Visit website: EasyWebinar

This tool is an excellent solution for bloggers or any other WordPress users as the platform itself is a WordPress plugin that can be installed on your main website or in subdomains, allowing you to create a specific page for your webinars.

EasyWebinar allows you to schedule automated lectures previously recorded, as well as combine live streaming with recordings.

The webinar platform includes an integrated chat, it allows multiple presenters to intervene and the number of members is unlimited (Enterprise Pack with annual payment). It also has its own analytics to measure how many people have participated in a certain webinar.

Key Features

  • It allows you to screen share and have an interactive chat with participants.
  • Integration with WordPress is extremely helpful.


  • The Standard Pack is available at $78/month (100 live attendees).
  • Pro Pack is the most overly used package available at $129/month (500 live attendees).
  • The Enterprise Pack is available at $499/month (2000 live attendees/Unlimited for annual payment).
  • If more than 2000 participants, then you can use a quote-based payment system.


  1. It helps build landing pages for your business.
  2. Easy to integrate with WordPress.
  3. Amazing features that help create great webinars.


  1. Some occurrences of slow uploading and error within messages.
  2. There have been reports of lag in the sound feature.

7. ClickMeeting


Visit website: ClickMeeting

The ClickMeeting webinar software has a variety of plans available based on the number of attendees you require, The software allows you to have up to 5,000 participants.

This software allows you to create surveys and polls, has chat functions and allows screen sharing. It allows you to keep track of the seminar statistics. Another attractive feature is that you can share your desktop. And you can also record your webinar.

Key Features

  • It offers easy-to-do polls for instant feedback.
  • You can connect it to YouTube and Facebook to get more viewers and interaction.
  • You can easily chat with your participants.


  • The rates start at $25/month and go up to $35/month, depending on the attendees. 
  • You can also use custom pricing, which works best for enterprise customers. 


  1. The interface is user-friendly and simple.
  2. You have the option of using multiple features within the tool. 


  1. PowerPoint uploading can change the format and font, which can be a hassle. 
  2. Trimming a recorded webinar will take longer than actually cutting a video short. 

8. BigMarker


Visit website: BigMarker

If you are looking for a quality yet affordable webinar software to easily exchange knowledge and schedule meetings online. From businesses and vendors to nonprofits and educators, this software is your way to go.

BigMarker combines powerful webinar software with robust marketing capabilities to create one of the world’s first end-to-end webinar solution.

Key Features

  • BigMarker has HD video and screen sharing features.
  • There are 15 different landing page options, and you can easily stream from multiple cameras to Facebook and YouTube.


  • The Starter Pack is available at $79/month.
  • The Elite Plan is available at $159/month.
  • The Summit Plan is available at $299/month.
  • The final plan is called White label, and you will need to contact customer service to get to know the pricing. 


  1. Has multiple integration offers that are valuable.
  2. It’s extremely flexible and easy-to-use.


  1. Stability issues with the webinar tool.

9. GetResponse


Visit website: GetResponse

GetResponse is a webinar software that orients its service much more to digital marketing. In other words, GetResponse offers the creation of promotional landing pages and eye-catching emails for clients.

As for the videoconferencing service, it has the particularity of sending a reminder to the participants (who can register automatically by accessing a link) and follow them up during the transmission. In addition, it includes a very useful WordPress plugin for your website.

Key Features

  • It is considered the best for email marketing integration. 
  • It allows you to set-up easily automated responses so that it saves you time. 


  • The Basic package is available to you at $15/month.
  • The Plus package is available at $49, and the Professional Plan is available at $99. 
  • The enterprise is available to you at $1,199 with a scheduled demo. 


  1. The attendees do not need to download any application to be a part of the Webinar.
  2. You can easily share videos within the Webinar.


  1. No feature allows you to customize your reports. 

10. Adobe Connect

Adobe Connect

Visit website: Adobe Connect

We cannot leave Adobe Connect absent from our list of the best webinar software, as Adobe Connect is one of the most powerful platforms and most feature-rich webinar software in the market. Of course, you cannot expect less from a platform created by one of the giants of IT (computer technology).

This platform makes it very easy to broadcast either meetings, presentations, seminars, or live courses as it provides ease of use when it comes to interacting with all participants.

Users and experts have repeatedly praised the software’s user experience, ease of use, reliability, features, and performance.

Key Features

  • Multiple templates are available at your expense.
  • You have a higher reach to people through social media, where these webinars can be shared. 


  • The packages range from $130 to $470 to $580 depending on the number of attendees in the Webinar.
  • You can easily try the 30-day free trial to see if this tool works for you. 


  1. The recording of a webinar and playback is seamless and easy.
  2. You can have multiple hosts for a meeting.


  1. There is a problem with the audio recording and the voice/sound system.

11. Demio


Visit website: Demio

If you are just entering the world of webinars and online video communication, Demio is a good place to start. This webinar platform is intuitive, easy, and minimalist, allowing effective communication with each client.

Demio is an all in one solution: it includes customizing the webinar according to your brand, generating reports, live polls, push notifications, purchase offers and calls to action at the end of the webinar, good video quality, private chat option, and more.

Key Features

  • The hosting is completely cloud-based.
  • Easy and straightforward platform easy and well-adapted for newbies.
  • You can have a live question and answers session while having a meeting. 


  • There is a 14-day free trial period for all attendees (Limited to 20 attendees and a 1-hour session limit).
  • Demio offers three payment plans that are distinguished according to the number of allowed attendees. The starter plan ($ US 34 per month), the Growth plan ($ US 69 per month), and finally, the Business plan ($ US 163 per month).


  1. There is more flexibility in the way you handle the tool.
  2. The pricing of this tool is reasonable.


  1. It offers a limited number of advanced features. 

12. Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts

Visit website: Google’s Hangouts

Google’s Hangouts is without a doubt one of my top winners on this list. The platform has become one of the most popular webinars in recent times. This may be because it is one of the fastest, easiest to use platforms, and of course, it is FREE. Anyone with a Google account can use it.

This tool allows you to share files, screen views, and also has a chat. In addition, the number of participants is not limited so the scope of the webinar can be greater. But at the same time, you can choose between making a public conference or doing it only for a specific limited group.

With Google Hangout you can share your webinar through a direct URL or insert the URL in a post on your blog, you can also invite your contacts via mobile with a low-cost call, but nevertheless, they will be notified automatically when you create a public webinar. These webinars are recorded on YouTube so you can later download, edit, and share them quickly without any hassle.

Key Features

  • It allows over 30 people to take part at the same time.
  • You don’t need to download any other application or plugins.


The webinar tool is completely free to all its participants.


  1. Easy and simple face-to-face communication with people.
  2. Multiple people can join the meeting at any time.
  3. Provide stability and reliability that only Google can provide.


  1. If you have a bad internet connection, then you may have difficulties.
  2. You cannot record your video or audio calls/meetings.

13. Livestream (Vimeo)


Visit website: Livestream (Vimeo)

Livestream (Vimeo) allows you to reach your participants in real-time, whether you’re live streaming a conference, a course, or any type of webinars. Livestream is mostly used by businesses as the platform provides a way to connect with your employees, customers, and community.

Livestream provides you the option to stream your webinars from any device. It is also possible to stream your live videos across your social media networks and even on your own website or blog. This way, you will easily engage your followers, customers, as well as your employees at the same time.

Engage followers, customers, or employees around the world, wherever they watch. Easily stream from any device across social media platforms or your own website. Throw stellar events and make your streaming business thrive, with live.

Livestream provide quality streaming even with limited bandwidth, and that, across the different devices such as smartphones and tablets.

Another great feature for both businesses and bloggers is the option to build secure viewing destinations, or monetize your video library.

Key Features

  • You have unlimited participants and unlimited storage.
  • You can easily share private links with people.


  • The Premium Plan costs you $75/month.
  • The Enterprise Plan is based on the features you want. 


  1. It is practical, with great integration with other tools.
  2. You can easily privatize your event.


  1. The menu and the dashboard can get jumbled up and thus, can create a situation.
  2. There is a lag in the video if the content is too heavy.

14. Zoom


Visit website: Zoom

Zoom has become one of the most popular solutions to communicate face to face from home. Although the success of this webinar platform has been largely due to private video calls, Zoom also stands out for its video conferencing service with a fresh and youthful interface.

Unlike other webinar platforms, at Zoom, you can share videos in real-time without having to download them first. In addition, it supports up to 50 presenter panels (cameras).

Key Features

  • It is user-friendly and easy to understand and navigate.
  • You can easily back-up your meeting to the cloud.


  • The basic plan is free of cost.
  • The Pro is available at $14.99/month.
  • The Business Plan is available at $19.99/month.
  • The Enterprise Level is at a quite based system. You pay for the features you use. 


  1. You are allowed to have public and private chats, so the meeting isn’t disturbed.
  2. There are security improvements that keep on making this tool better.


  1. There are video lags that need fixing.

15. Intermedia (AnyMeeting)


Visit website: Intermedia cloud communications (AnyMeeting)

Intermedia cloud communications (AnyMeeting) is a platform providing fairly straightforward webinar features and functions, making it easy to use for lecturers as well as participants, a pretty good alternative to basic presentations.

AnyMeeting provides a clean interface, intuitive controls, and crisp sound. It has the advantage of being able to link the webinar to PayPal, a very useful aspect for those looking to monetize their online conferences.

Although everything has its downside, in this case, AnyMeeting lacks many of the features found in most of the webinar software that we have mentioned above.

Key Features

  • You have a built-in system of polls, chat, and questions, which will help you get to know your audience better.
  • The interface is easy-to-use and simple.


A free trial is available for attendees.

  • The Webinar Lite plan is available at $48/month.
  • The Webinar Pro is available at $128/month.
  • The Webinar Enterprise is available to you at $298/month.


  1. With the help of the free trial, the understanding of the tool is easy.
  2. Has multiple and different kinds of expert features.


  1. You can’t use this tool on mobile devices.
  2. It becomes difficult when multiple people need to use it at the same time in a meeting. 

Some significant statistics and information about webinars

I cannot stress enough the importance of webinars for businesses and bloggers in the 21st century.

Webinars offer a lot of value to businesses and their customers. If you are looking to arrange webinars, then the following information can help you organize these webinars in a more effective way.

  • Try to keep your webinars between 30 to 45 minutes long.
  • Morning time is ideal for webinars.
  • Tuesdays are ideal for organizing webinars.
  • Try to have a question and answer session after the webinar session.
  • Make sure your Webinar is creative and engaging.

Each one has different needs when organizing a webinar, and knowing the best tool to prepare an excellent presentation tailored to your needs is key.

Webinars are here to stay, so you must know the best webinar platforms. Its format of classes, workshops, or courses taught through video, are very attractive to the public.

If you aim your business reach by optimizing your marketing strategy, this tool should be considered in your marketing plan. It will help you to retain customers, attract new audiences, and better position your brand.

However, for a webinar to be successful, it must be well planned and delivered on a quality webinar platform. Today there are multiple options, and it is normal to get lost when choosing one.

Luckily, I have gathered a list of 15 webinar tools that can help your business grow and generate leads successfully.

What is a webinar?

We can define webinar as software that allows you to make your own online video conference, video presentations, or podcats.

Webinar software provides you with a platform from which you can broadcast live via the web a talk, workshop, or seminar for at least two people and to as many viewers as possible (the more they are, the greater reach you will have).

What does the word webinar come from?

The name webinar arises from the combination in the English language of the words Web and Seminar.

Webina are very versatile spftware since it makes it possible to establish direct and live contact, it allows you as the organizer to explain in detail what you want to transmit and thus obtain higher conversion rates than with any other available online tool.

Regarding the functioning of the webinar tools, I must say that it is quite simple: one or more people are in charge of delivering the conference, workshop or online seminar in real time, with a specific date and time, and while the attendees can ask questions and interact with you simultaneously via chat.

A webinar can also be just a classic online exhibition in which you share your screen with a PowerPoint presentation or a round table of experts discussing a topic and answers questions from attendees.

What is the purpose of a webinar?

A webinar has several purposes and when you decide to create a webinar through one of the top best webinars listed above, you should always be clear about the purpose of your webinar: informative, educational or commercial.


Nothing better than organizing a webinar and transmitting valuable content to your target audience through online talks. This will make your personal brand acquire value and will help you better position your presence online.

A webinar is a perfect add-on if you have a blog or an online magazine where you write informative posts since you generate quality content and transmit it through words. Truth is, how many people do really read an entire post on your blog nowadays? Sorry to be cruel but controlling that data is practically impossible, which means that you may never reach your target group with the communication you want to release.

Besides the fact that video content is much better consumed than the written content, by introducing webinars, it will be much easier for you to know how many people are really interested in your topic (since they will voluntarily sign up for your presentations).

And, if that’s not enough, you will also know how many people actually attended. To top it off, you can have the data of who stayed until the end and so on. This provides you with valuable data to properly measure your conversion.

If you had less attendance than you expected, do not panic, this does not mean that people were not interested in your talk. The truth is there are many reasons why it could be happening.

Remember that it is a talk scheduled in time and last minute unforeseen events may arise. The good thing is that for those who could not attend the talk, there is still an option for them to watch your webinar, as is can be recorded and watched later.

Remember that a webinar allows you to answer all the doubts your attendees may have and perhaps even make them covert. This real-time feedback allows you to reinforce your brand as an expert on the subject and thus make your online presence improve significantly.

Courses and training

Online courses and training are on the rise. These courses tend to convert very well, as many times your visitors will have doubts that they cannot properly clarify at the moment of visiting your website, and this can lead to demotivation resulting in a conversion drop. By introducing a webinar, the participants will have the option to ask their specific questions and so be more motivated to convert.

Although, when creating your webinar, on the one hand, you will teach your participants valuable information through an online course, as well as organizing webinars where live question and answer sessions are held. These live sessions come in handy as they help with feedback, and encourage participants to take action.

For this, webinars are similar to attending a face-to-face class because, if there are several students with the same question, it can be answered live. And in turn, this will make the answers and students’ feedback available online for other future attendees. This avoids massive emails and hours answering similar questions.

Commercial purposes

The educational and informative functions mentioned before are indeed great ways where webinars play an important role to increase your visibility, branding, and conversion online, but in fact, the vast majority use webinars to promote products and services they want to sell or at least to capture more leads.

The word FREE is the key in this regard because what businesses and experts do is to expose for free the “how-to” or “know-how” through an online webinar course but in order to promote a service or product with commercial value.

In this case, it is about doing a bit of inbound, imparting quality content that adds value to the attendees of the webinar, such as “how to start a successful blog” to end up selling a course on Blogging or promote an affiliate program.

The conversion in these webinars is usually quite good since the attendees are potential clients who are interested in your topic, as it is very unlikely that followers of another market will sign up, so you will be targeting your target.

Another aspect to consider is the possibility of conducting a collaborative webinar. For example, two businesses or experts with a similar target audience join forces and make a presentation with excellent content, to later share the potential customers.

If you have been unsettled with the latter, think about a wedding: wedding dress, groom’s suit, catering, honeymoon. Each aspect of a wedding belongs to a different professional, but all focused on the same goal: a ceremony to remember.

So why not participate in a joint webinar? Have you thought about how many benefits it could bring to everyone individually and collectively?

Advantages of using a webinar

When setting up or attending a webinar two things are really essential: a computer or mobile device and an internet connection. Today more than half the planet has both. Therefore, those who participate in a webinar save money since they can join it from the very comfort of their home or office, without the transport costs…

While a webinar is live, it can be recorded and later distributed to participants who can watch it when it suits them best. In this way, effective use of time is also achieved because the viewer decides when and where they prefer watching the webinar.

Finally, with the webinar, you can make yourself more visible online. Unlike a conventional conference, with the webinar software, anyone who is interested in you or in the services or products you promote in your webinar can join it. In this way, your community has greater opportunities to grow.

Disadvantages of using a webinar

We all know that our ability to concentrate can falter when we are in front of the computer or when we use our mobile devices. This is the most important disadvantage of webinars because we are often exposed to distractions.

If we are at home or office, it is very easy for our attention to go away from the webinar because in these places it can be difficult to have a quiet space in which to focus on the topic of the webinar.

Internet connection failures can also sabotage participation in an online conference. We are talking about the webinars that can be attended by people from all corners of the world where there is the internet, but we must not forget that in some of these places the connection speed can be slow or experience failures and without internet there is no webinar.

Final thoughts

If you are looking to generate leads for your business, then it is important for you to try out all the options available. Webinars are known to show very promising results for all small to large scale businesses.

So if you are someone who wants to use webinars for marketing and other needs, then you should check out any of the above webinar tools.

These tools offer a range of different features, and their functionality varies based on the quality of features. So you can compare the features of all these tools and choose the one that suits your business needs.

If you are seriously considering to use webinars to add value to your business, then you shouldn’t shy away from investing in paid versions of these programs. You might have to pay a large amount at the start, but it would really be worth it in the long run. 

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